Quads, Shoulders, & Uphill Fireman’s Carry

  • When:10/06/12
  • QIC: Mall Cop & Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Farside, Lost Weekend, Tank, Strange Brew, Dora, Hops, Ninja Turtle, Thin Crust, Ray Charles, IHOP, Mall Cop (QIC), Run Stopper (QIC)

Quads, Shoulders, & Uphill Fireman’s Carry

12 Pax gathered around the shovel flag in the foggy gloom without the knowledge that the QICs had some of the same ideas for the downPAINment, which meant lots of legs and shoulder pain!


The Thang:

Mall Cop Lead:

Run to the soccer pitches for COP:

All in Cadence:

SSH x 20

Imperial Storm Troopers x 20

Prison Squat x 20

LBC x 20

Shoulder Circles for 2 minutes – forward, backward, arms up and down

Jump Tuck Squat x 15 on own count

Mosey to the hill at edge of soccer pitches for Jacobs Ladder, 1 up to 7 burpees at top, 10 squats at bottom each time.  Once done get into a low squat position at the bottom and hold while waiting for Pax to finish.

Plank – Regular, Right Arm up / Right Leg Up, Left Arm Up / Left Leg Up, Regular, Elbows

Mosey to far end of soccer pitches for Merkin / Arm Up Ladder.  Start with 1 merkin, then go to knees for 4 arm ups.  Increase merkins by 1 and arm ups by 4 each time until last set of 10 merkins / 40 arm ups.  (Crowd Pleaser)

Indian Run around all 14 youth soccer pitches back to base of hill for COP:

Prison Squat x 20

Carolina Dry Dock x 20

Flutter Kick x 20

Dolly x 15  Hand off to Run Stopper.


Run Stopper lead:

Mosey to the picnic table benches under the trees next to kitty litter for

Jump Ups x 20

Decline Merkins x 20

Step Up with Jump Left Leg x 20

Step Up with Jump Right Leg x 20

Rinse and Repeat x3 (Crowd Pleaser #2)

LBC with feet up on bench for 2 minutes / failure.

Indian Run to front side of church 1/3 mile to smaller hill next to North Face.  Partner up for Fireman’s Carry/Piggy Back up hill then run back down, flapjack and other partner gets the priviledge of the same pain!  Rinse and Repeat. (Crowd Pleaser #3)

1/3 of Pax was tapped as a casualty and had to be carried (1 casualty & 2 uninjured pax) to base of North Face.

Sprint up North Face with 5 Burpees at top, run down with 10 merkins at bottom x 2.

Run it out 1/3 mile back to shovel flag for COT


Naked Man Moleskin:

First a reminder that next Saturday 10/13/12 there will be a Charlotte South Convergence at Area 51 at McKee Rd Elementary as many of us will be participating in the USMC Mud Run, Spartan Beast, or both.  Be on the lookout for the PreBlast and email this week.  We will start back up the following week at The Rock!

T-Claps for a strong pax today and for enduring a leg / shoulder blowout.  YHC and Run Stopper didn’t get the chance to communicate with eachother that we both wanted to work legs and shoulders today so we hope everyone got their moneys worth!  When we first started the Merkin / Arm Up Ladder several pax thought this was a breeze.  But many in the pax have had the opportunity (or misfortune) of going through this excruciating ladder exercise before and knew the pain that was coming.

And it didn’t get any easier as Run Stopper called for a non-stop, no breather circuit of 3 sets of jump ups, decline merkins, and step ups.  YHC’s quads are blasted tonight and I know we’ll be feeling this one for a few days.

T-Claps to Farside for riding his bike #gears style for 25 miles this morning prior to posting to The Rock.  Strong Brother, Strong.  Speaking of great work Strange Brew is really pushing it each and every time he has posted since his first F3 workout just a few weeks ago.  Keep it up brother!

There was a lot of encouragement going around this morning with a good amount of chatter.  YHC is loving the way our Rock pax are working together as iron sharpens iron, so does one man to another.

Many of us had a great time tonight at the Charlotte South F4 (Fitness, Fellowship, Faith, & Family) Family gathering and workout at The Shores house.  A great time was had by all, as the kids had a workout and then ran around playing.  It was great to meet the M’s and have several hours of the 2nd F!  We will be doing this again in the future.  Thanks Shore!

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11 years ago

Must have been some serious O2 deprivation going on out there. I was pretty sure that the last assault on The North Face was supposed to be 10 Burpees top and bottom. Then again, I can’t remember doing any of them, so who knows!

An excellent smoking was had by all.

11 years ago

Great workout MallCop and Run Stopper! My calves, quads, and shoulders are grateful.

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