100 = 105

  • When:08/25/12
  • QIC: McGee and Slapshot
  • The PAX: The Shore, Harley, Callaway, Quarter Pounder, Stone Cold, Joker, Thin Crust, Deep Dish, Floor Slapper, Far Side, Ochocinco, Special K, Coal Miner's Daughter, Donkey Kong, Smash, The Cat, Boss Tweed, Slim Jim, Dora, Cottontail, Bobby Bushay, Schedule C, Abacus, ... plus one more [name yourself]

100 = 105

26 men gathered in the Area 51 swamp land this morning.

The Thang – McGee QIC

The Burpee Warm-Up:

Side Straddle Hop x 10 / 1 Burpee

Side Straddle Hop x 10 / 2 Burpees

Merkins x 10 / 3 Burpees

Imperial Walker x 10 / 4 Burpees

Knee-Ups x 10 / 5 Burpees

Diamonds x 10 / 6 Burpees

SSH x 10 / 7 Burpees

Mountain Climbers x 10 / 8 Burpees

Slow Bicycle (The Bootlegger) x 10 / 9 Burpees

2 Minutes of People’s Chair / 10 Burpees

Subtotal Burpees = 55


The Devil’s Workout


Squats/Burpees/Jumping Lunges


Burpees/Turkish Getups/Burpees

Turkish Getups/Burpeesx7/Turkish Getups

Subtotal Burpees = 50


Total Burpees = 105

The Thang – Slapshot QIC

Run to rock pile Squats with rock x50 Jump ups x25
Run through neighborhood to back field Peter parker x15 Parker peter x15 Walking lunge 1/2 field Bear crawl 1/2 field
Run to trail Dips x25 Run trail Dips x25
Run to playground Pull-ups x10 Scissor crunch x20 Pull-ups x10 Scissor crunch x20
Flutter kicks x20 LBCs x10 Dolly x20 Knee-ups x10
Run to parking lot

Nakedman Moleskin

-McGee may be good with numbers, but the oxygen deprivation resulted in a few unintented extra burpees this morning.  100, 105… what does it really matter… once you cross the century mark you know it’s gonna hurt.

-Turkish get-ups were introduced to Area 51 this morning… a real crowd pleaser.  Thankfully, today was without bricks… maybe next time.

-Today’s age range for the PAX… 26 [Donkey Kong] and 58 [Boss Tweed]… proof that F3 fits for all ages.  We know for certain that Donkey Kong will still be out in gloom 32 years from now… showing FNGs in 2044 proper form for burpees.



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11 years ago

Who the heck says is good with numbers?

Chelms aka Tatertot
11 years ago

Abacus is my younger brother but it’s fine to run him like a red headed step child.

11 years ago

Of course Chelms would like someone to run me like a red headed step child as he was never able to as the “OLDER” brother.

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