Dirty Laundry

  • When:08/22/12
  • QIC: Joker
  • The PAX: The Shore, Run Stopper, Stone Cold, Lost Weekend, Uncle Leo, Donkey Kong, Tiger Rag, Callaway, Harley, Hops, Countertop, Custer, Thin Crust, Mall Cop, Deep Dish, Cowboy, Smash, Coal Miner's Daughter, Far Side, Pinstripe [FNG], Blue Cheese [FNG], Dora [FNG]

Dirty Laundry

23 men gathered in the gloom for a Death Valley party. 

The Thang

-Run to track

-Warm up: SSH, Imperial Walker, Squats [each X20]

-Track work, in partner format:

  • 1/4 mile run, 100 merkins [in aggregate, with partner]
  • 1/4 mile run, 150 squats [in aggregate, with partner]
  • 1/4 mile run, 50 burpees [in aggregate, with partner… F3 style of course]
  • 1/4 mile run, bear crawl [50 yards], crab crawl [50 yards]

-Short Mary


-Other stuff… just riffing it… merkins, mountain climbers, etc. 

-Run up hill to Circle of Trust [COT]

Nakedman Moleskin

  • Today was the high water mark for a Death Valley workout… 23 men… triple claps
  • We started today by picking partners.  Your humble correspondent [YHC] asked that men pair up with someone they don’t know that well.  Needless to say, chaos ensued.  For a casual observer, it must have looked like a Sadie Hawkins dance or a speed dating event in the gloom.  I even overheard a few rejections among the PAX… Man #1 says to Man #2: “Hey you got a partner?”… Man #2 replies back to Man #1: “Um, sorry, but I’m already spoken for.”  It was a scary scene, never to be repeated.  I’m scarred for life. 
  • Much chatter among the PAX today regarding what us men do with our dirty laundry when we return to our nice suburban homes in the wonderful land of Charlotte South.  Many bad ideas surfaced, but YHC may have set the bar at new lows, acknowledging a recent decision to place my post-workout shorts on a hanger in the master bedroom.  Let’s just say that MJoker was not pleased.  “Kick ’em when they’re up, kick up when they’re down… we love dirty laundry.”
  • Many headlamps were donned this morning… and may be a valuable addition to future Death Valley workouts.
  • Far side showed today that his speed on four limbs rivals his speed on two. 
  • Lost Weekend… welcome back to the gloom… if you had stayed away much longer we might have renamed you to Lost Summer.
  • Nickname-o-rama today in the COT was a pleasure to behold.  On the turn of a dime someone can go from Boudreaux to Dora.. harsh brothers, very harsh.
  • The Rock… September 8… Calvary Church… come out for a good time.       




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11 years ago


11 years ago

Also: I owe Grant 15 merkins and 10 burpees…

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
11 years ago

Name-a-rama was excellent in the gloom this morning! As an FNG you gotta roll with the punches and pay your dues. Going from Boudreax, to Crawfish, to Dora The Explorer is pretty tuff! I love the tough avatar though with the wolf you added to your user name. T-claps on posting and for creating an avatar and making a coment on your first day! I’m glad to see you’re all in! Aye!

On another note, Blue Cheese is good, but I’m with TR, I liked Light Ranch the best.

11 years ago

Just got a #Dora The Explorer Fan Club email. Which one of you #F3 jokers signed me up for that…

Reply to  Dora
11 years ago

I love this rookie. I can’t wait to meet Dora! You da man!

Reply to  Moses
11 years ago

I know. The man is rivalling @Ballistic (fka SoCal) for #Boatleaping all-iness. Reminds me of my man @Moses running across the #AG parking lot and leaping the fence at one bound (thereby earning his name) for his first workout, and announcing he was planting the flag up at the “lake” the very next week–after the confusion about where the heck the “lake” was drifted past, we all had little salty tears wiggling down our muddy grills. Aye.

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