Burpees or Beetles

  • When:07/10/12
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Run Stopper, McGee (Skunk FNG?), Donkey Kong, The Shore, The Nibbler, Hops, Slapshot, Stone Cold, Tiger Rag

Burpees or Beetles

Nine Pax and a beetle posted in the gloom.



Warm Up

  • Jog 1/2 mile or so.
  • SSH x 30
  • Mountain Climbers x 30


Century Set

  • Burpees x 100 (10 min cap)


Main Course

  • Prowler + 70 lbs x 1
  • Naked Prowler x 1
  • Hairburners (Std). x 2
  • One Armed Hairburners x 2


Jog to Playgound

  • Swing Knee Tucks x 20
  • Glute Bridge with Heel raises x 10 (ea leg)
  • Repeat


Mosey to Hill

  • Hill “Suicide”
  • Run back to weighted tires
  • Weighted Tire Sprints x 3
  • Flutters, LBCs, Dollies, and Plank while in queue for sprint
  • YHC spent the last week on a floating buffet to and from Alaska and needed to burn some calories.  Thanks to the Pax for supporting the detox efforts.
  • A large, grape-sized rhino beetle joined the Pax to stretch before the workout and discussion turned to our preference for 100 burpees or eating the beetle.  McGee, still learning the Area 51 folkways, expressed his preference for the beetle.  When given the option in the COP, however –beetle or burpees–his love for burpees prevailed and our beetle friend lives to see another day.
  • Strong work by Run Stopper on the burpees, coming in between 6-7 minutes.  It doesn’t hurt that he only has half the distance to drop as the rest of us.  Just sayin’.
  • The Prowler, with the lease to expire this week, made its last appearance at Skunk Works, for a while at least.  The Pax will no doubt be disappointed, but the Skunk Works Requisition Team already has a replacement (or two) in place.  Stay tuned…
  • The hill work was admittedly more of a weak cry for help than a suicide.  A palate cleanser, if you will, at least in F3 terms.  Enter two passing tomatoes, clucking about our pace.  How they managed to speak at all, what with their torrid 15 min / mile pace, is beyond me.  T-Claps to the gum-flapping ‘maters.
  • New Thursday Area 51 run workout on the boards, led by The Shore….details to be announced soon.


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Stone Cold
11 years ago

Ah, the gum-flapping maters…we should have shown them our beetle friend. I bet that would have got them to pick up the pace!
McGee calls BS from the start on the century set of burpees. Aye, welcome to Skunks Works!
Nice comeback from the floating buffet Tiger Rag (Wally reference-spot on). Was smoked by the end.

The Shore
11 years ago

I see the hairburners are gaining a place of infamy at DIamondhead as well. It’s good to see Tiger Rag’s special brand of punishment to be catching on. Might the Century Set be the next to travel north? Burpees are a good introduction. Just ask McGee.

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
11 years ago

Great workout — I was hurting something fierce…not sure if the pain could be attributed to the humidity or the 47 flavors of Coke I sampled at World of Coke in ATL last week. Regardless – I needed the beatdown Tiger Rag –> Thank you very little.

p.s. one of the Coke flavors from Asia is, in fact, “Rhino Beetle” and it’s delicious

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