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“You know what that makes you?”**

ByKenyon Slider Oct 19, 2015

Skip: “You guys. You the ball around the infield. You your way down to first. You in and out of the dugout. You know what that makes you? La

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Brick House

ByBaracus Oct 14, 2015

Posted on behalf of Winterplace, with some minor edits via Baracus <insert awesome picture of Motown legends "The Commodores" here> 7 Com

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ByBushwood Oct 12, 2015

24 men came for a workout that was almost a #DRP. We'll get it next time though, I can feel it. The Thang: Mosey to Carmel Middle for COT -100 S


Gazelles are amongst us

ByStone Cold Oct 7, 2015

Interesting that the parking lot of PDS was a little full when YHC showed up.  YHC was thinking that I was late but it seems there is a running


“Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit [running The Wiggler].”

ByKenyon Slider Oct 5, 2015

“Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit .” Don’t quit running The Wiggler!  5:45 am Tuesday – corner of Foxcroft and Rothwood – f

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Frenchie in the UK, so I stole it – never ask Pothole

ByKirk Oct 5, 2015

I think the title says it all.  Our resident Frenchman aka Film Fest is apparently visiting home, which is actually England.  I was standing in


Life through Love: Heather’s Heroes

ByIce9 Oct 3, 2015

In January, my wife Heather was diagnosed with a nasty version of breast cancer with frightening statistics. Six months of chemotherapy, a mast


Worm makeup on Sunday – 6am

ByHorn Oct 3, 2015

Monsoon or shine, YHC will be out there. YHC feels less than adequate for the fail this morning.


Heather’s Heroes Race for the Cure

ByIce9 Oct 2, 2015

They cancelled the Race for the Cure because of a mere Hurricane. But my wife Heather is made of sterner stuff. God blessed Heather with fortitu