10 Gentlemen and 8 Clowns

ByMarge Aug 16, 2018

QIC: Queen Pax: Clover, Gummy, HIPPA, Hopper, Tacking Dummy, Harley, Spackler, Puddin Pop, Schmedium, Polo (FNG), Hannibal, Jet Fuel, Marge, Q

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FT Option Run

ByChinMusic Aug 15, 2018

Excited to lead my first "running" workout, I thought best to give the PAX some different options.  At 0515, 19 men - many half-naked - were giv

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Typical August script

ByChinMusic Aug 15, 2018

Posted on behalf of Floaty... This morning we saw a good turnout at Skunkworks for the PAX. It was a hot and humid day, typical for August, bu

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ByFrasier Aug 15, 2018

I was put in charge of the "hill" day for the latest installment of Swift.  A mostly proper disclaimer was given since we had an FNG in the mix.

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90’s Rock Party

ByFuseBox Aug 15, 2018

24 pax came out to partake in a 90's rock party.  The music was good, but the rocks sucked. This was my first time Q'ing Dromedary and only m

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