Death Valley Circuits

ByChastain Jun 21, 2021

8 pax at Clemson did some circuit work. Not gonna give the details because it was fun and I plan to unleash it on the pax in the nearish future.

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Asylum has Balls –

ByChicken Little Jun 21, 2021

DICCS- All Points covered- cell phone, cpr, do not sue ect.. Warm Up- Mosey up and through Pet Smart and head back down towards Hickory Tav

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Turnbuckle’s Push

ByFuse Box Jun 21, 2021

Did you ever think Turnbuckle would push you to work harder?  Me neither, but he did today.  Here's that story....   I put out a cal

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That’ll put spickarickum in your macaroni!

ByHopper Jun 20, 2021

15 men gathered on the eve of Fathers Day at Calvary to run some miles and take in some humidity.  I had a recycled workout ready to be executed

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Blackhawk 6/19/21

BySugar Daddy Jun 20, 2021

4 guys ran, did bootcamp, ran, got coffee 6/19/21

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