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Who serves B***s @ Client Dinner

Always a pleasure to Q F3 Men and their 2.0s, IF WE BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME!!
PM workouts catching steam, fathers are connecting with their kids outside the screen. Awesome to Witness!!

Today’s Goal for, Let’s Compete, Kids against Adults!!

DICCS Giving, we Mosey to 1st event
Rings of Erkins, 3 laps around ring, 10 reps of each
Ierkins – Kids Won

Mosey to 2nd Event
Side Walk Rock, PAX picked a lifting Rock
3 laps to gravel parking lot, 10 reps of each
Bobby H
Freddy Mercury – Kids Won

3rd Event
Hill of Fire – 3 laps up and down hill, 10 reps of each
Big Boys
Lunges – Kids Won

4th Event (This caused a little issue with School, SORRY)
Capture the Ball – Again Kids vs Dads
First to return ball home wins.
1 Gotcha, everyone has to touch the ball before it can return home..  Dads Won – Finally

5th Event
Indian Fun Run
Indian Run back to COT – Dad Won, but little to late, 3 to 2 Kids Take it home..


March 6th is Q School. If you haven’t been yet or if you have and are questioning whether you should go then you definitely should go…

March 13th is The Rooster. Sign up on GroupMe


Men formed from Mt. Chiseled

Chiseled is always one of my favorites place to post, it is even better when you get to Q..

The Q started out as swap w/Fusebox to get him over to the Appetizer, really did not need the excuse to Q at Chiseled but was good to see FuseBox last night.
FuseBox we hope you come visit us more often at the Appetizer.

Now on to Mt Chiseled..


DICCS Giving on this perfect morning, we started with small Mosey around Mt Chiseled,  returned to circle up for a round of stretches.

Shoulders stretch
Potatoes Pickers
Legs stretch

Riffled walked Coupons over to Mt Chiseled for a little 4 corners.
1st – 10 Merkins
2nd – In/Outs
3rd – Bobby Hurley’s w/Coupon
4th – Burpee w/Coupon

After each round Mosey around Mt Chiseled, 2 rounds

Returned to circle up for a 2nd round of stretches.

Shoulders stretch
Potatoes Pickers
Legs stretch

Exercise around the Clock

6station workout w/runner for Clock.
1st – BigBoys
2nd – Speed Skaters
3rd – Mt Climbers
4th Bobby Hurley’s
5th Squats
6th V-Sit-ups
Runner is for Clock..

1 1/2 Rounds

Returned to COT for Final Found of Stretch and Out.

Lot’s of stuff going on with Rice and Beans, Contact Centerfold for Details.


1st Perfect Morning, Not to Hot, Not to Gold, Just Right.
2nd – Chiseled is a group of strong men, I wanted to make sure I stepped up to give everyone a good work out.

2 Shout outs
Chainsaw – V-Sit-up with Coupon, inspiring..  RR!!
Sneider – Man Riffled walked coupon from Mt Chiseled back to COT without dropping, after full workout.. Impressive!! R!!

Everyone pressed hard today, I appreciate the invite to Q and hard work put in to start the day..

FuseBox, let me know when you need me again, always willing to Q  Men Formed by Mt Chiseled.




2nd PM Q of the Week

PAX, my 2nd PM Q of the week.

DICSS Giving, started with slow Mosey.

The Thing – Kids Vs Adults

Shoulder Dip/Dirkins/Box Jumps w/Running Clock – Kids win
Pieces of Burpee at each Light Pole – Kids Win
4 Corners of Abs – Kid Win
March/Crawl across Green Wet Tundra- Kid Win

Mosey back to COT where Kids got to choice the final exercise, 20 Big Boys.

Great Evening, So Glad to see all the Kids.  They rocked!


My 1st Appetizer BB

Here is BackBlast for The Appetizer on 2/2/2021

20 PAX showed up for some evening refreshments.

DICS Given, we started out with a short Mosey to back on the school

Warm Up
15 SSH
15 Knees to Chest
15 Stretch Kicks
Mosey to the Rock Pile

The Thing
Everyone gather a Lifting Rock, Riffle carried to Front Play Ground.
Ask PAX to Partner then Split PAX by Age,
Kids partner with Kids and Adults partner with Adults
The Pax was asked to do all below w/Rock
Shoulder Press

While Partner works w/rock the other partner is the clock, Clock is Obstacle Course for Kids, Adults is Track.

After a while I think the PAX got bored so some friendly chattered started, I took advantage to change the work a little.
We worked on the Steps of Burbee. again  Clock is Obstacle Course for Kids, Adults is Track.

We ended the night with a nice set of Abs exercises.

COT, Announcements and Prayers out.

Good night to be w/My F3 Brothers, Thanks for coming..

The American Flag

My 4th Q, My 2nd at Chiseled

I am always excited to Q the Pax but today got me even more pumped, when I showed up FuseBox was sitting up the American Flag and my heart filled with pride.
A Proud American flying our beloved flag, Thank You Fuse Box..

DICCS given, I promised it would loud morning and way we go.


From the COT we did Roundhouse Mosey to get the blood flowing, once back to COT we performed SSH, Merkins, Plank Hold and some Stretching.
Everyone gathered their coupon, riffled walk over to MT Chiseled.

The Thang
Partner up, 1 runs for clock while one performs exercises.
Clock, 1 Lap w/o Coupon, 1 Lap w/Coupon, 2o Big Boys during each lap
Exercise – 100 of  Curls, Press, Bench, Squat and Kettle Swings.

@ 3min mark, Riffled walk Coupons back to COT.


It is always a blessing, honor, and privilege to lead our F3 Paxs.
Brothers, our country means the world to me, I hate to see this divide that we are in.  I pray for this nation and the citizens that she mothers.
F3 helps me keep the faith, God sent FuseBox to fly that flag this morning, it was not coincidences, it is proof, he speaks when you need to hear.

Thank You F3 Brothers.
Gob Bless..
Hi Hat.


  • Blood Drive – October 17th
  • Christ’s Closet folding/give-away nights – Mondays and Thursdays

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL

My 3rd Q, My 1st at the Dinner, Dinner always seems to the place to experiment and explore so I took a chance.
Wanted a little team building, healthy competition and fun between the PAX.  DICCS given and way we go.


Roundhouse Mose to get the blood flowing, followed by SSH, Merkins, Plank Hold and some Stretching.
Continued Mose to Rock pile were Pax pick their new best friend, the Rock.  (they were warned they were going to be running with Rock)
After Rocks were selected Pax Riffle Walked to Football Combine

The Thang

Football Combine Course – Two Teams of 6,1st team to football wins
– 14 Bomb Jacks – Jailbreak to
– 14 Burpee Block Jump Overs – Jailbreak to
– Army Crawl
– 49 Big Boy Situps – now reverse
– Stretch March (like punting a football)
-Bear Crawl
– Broad Jump (what was I thinking)
– Pickup Rock 30yard Sprint, last team member go get the football

Team 1 winners of Combine course but Team 2 does have redemption =  Tug of war
Drum Roll, Team 2 pulled out the WIN for Tug of War! 1 for 1..

After returned our Rocks and last minute table walk to burn off the remainder time, again Dinner allows for some improvisation.


WHAT ALOT OF FUN, I think the PAX had a blast, would love to do more team style workouts.
It is always a blessing, honor, and privilege to lead our F3 Paxs.
Brothers, this groups means the world to me, it has keep me sane at a time when honestly I do not know what I would do without.

Thank You.  Gob Bless..
Hi Hat.


  • Blood Drive – October 17th
  • Christ’s Closet folding/give-away nights – Mondays and Thursdays