Who serves B***s @ Client Dinner

Who serves B***s @ Client Dinner

Always a pleasure to Q F3 Men and their 2.0s, IF WE BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME!!
PM workouts catching steam, fathers are connecting with their kids outside the screen. Awesome to Witness!!

Today’s Goal for, Let’s Compete, Kids against Adults!!

DICCS Giving, we Mosey to 1st event
Rings of Erkins, 3 laps around ring, 10 reps of each
Ierkins – Kids Won

Mosey to 2nd Event
Side Walk Rock, PAX picked a lifting Rock
3 laps to gravel parking lot, 10 reps of each
Bobby H
Freddy Mercury – Kids Won

3rd Event
Hill of Fire – 3 laps up and down hill, 10 reps of each
Big Boys
Lunges – Kids Won

4th Event (This caused a little issue with School, SORRY)
Capture the Ball – Again Kids vs Dads
First to return ball home wins.
1 Gotcha, everyone has to touch the ball before it can return home..  Dads Won – Finally

5th Event
Indian Fun Run
Indian Run back to COT – Dad Won, but little to late, 3 to 2 Kids Take it home..


March 6th is Q School. If you haven’t been yet or if you have and are questioning whether you should go then you definitely should go…

March 13th is The Rooster. Sign up on GroupMe


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