After being MIA for two weeks I was ready to Q the Appetizer

From COT, started with short Mosey, to warm up w/shoulder, core and leg stretching.
Longer Mosey around the back of school, every 45 and 90 turn do 5reps of your choice, leading to the Rock Pile.

At the Rock Pile, pick your poison head over to playground for THE CLOCK

The Thing – The Clock, from the Book of Dana
I love copying and modifying another Qs, “The Clock” comes from the Book of Dana
4 points of the clock, 0, 15, 30, 45, do the amount of reps and exercise at each point, at 0 use the rock for 15 reps of your choice,  the curve ball, as you move forward, you must also move back, ie, you start at 60, move to 15, go back to 0, go to 15, to 30, back to 15, back to 0.    Worked out very well, everyone pressed hard, Thank you Dana.. I owe you one..

Ended with short Mosey to equal running for 2miles.

Appetizer, I am Co-Site Q, I miss when I cannot attend, Good to be Back.
C3Po, appreciate you keeping watch while I was away, I owe u..

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