My 1st Appetizer BB

My 1st Appetizer BB

Here is BackBlast for The Appetizer on 2/2/2021

20 PAX showed up for some evening refreshments.

DICS Given, we started out with a short Mosey to back on the school

Warm Up
15 SSH
15 Knees to Chest
15 Stretch Kicks
Mosey to the Rock Pile

The Thing
Everyone gather a Lifting Rock, Riffle carried to Front Play Ground.
Ask PAX to Partner then Split PAX by Age,
Kids partner with Kids and Adults partner with Adults
The Pax was asked to do all below w/Rock
Shoulder Press

While Partner works w/rock the other partner is the clock, Clock is Obstacle Course for Kids, Adults is Track.

After a while I think the PAX got bored so some friendly chattered started, I took advantage to change the work a little.
We worked on the Steps of Burbee. again  Clock is Obstacle Course for Kids, Adults is Track.

We ended the night with a nice set of Abs exercises.

COT, Announcements and Prayers out.

Good night to be w/My F3 Brothers, Thanks for coming..

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