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Fusion Creates a Burn

Thirteen men came to hear Mermaid and Margo sing while also getting in a good workout. While they were disappointed that the show was postponed (or maybe not), they did get an elevated heart rate as we fused the Centurion Mile with a modified version of the Brintonion Mile (Dr B creation) . Here’s what went down:

Quick start to get the wet portion of the workout out of the way – Centurion mile (run up to Carmel, right to 51, right on 51 to CCHS drive-way, down drive to parking deck and up the short ramps to level 4 for 1 mile run.

Down the stairs for the Brintonion mile portion of the workout. Start on level 1 with 20 merkins, 20 sit-ups, 20 jump squats and burpee ladder starting with 1. Then run up short ramps to level 4 and back down the stairs to start. Complete as many laps as you can until Q calls an end to this madness. Your benevolent Q did give PAX option to run up the stairs or the ramps – your welcome.

Mosey up long ramp to level 3. Pulsating squats (see definition below) until Q yells go and then backward run half way down the flat deck and sprint the other half. Complete two more rounds of pulsating squats and run down the flat deck before finishing with a few minutes of planks.

Mosey down the deck and long ramp back to level 1 to finish with a few minutes of mary.


Strong group out this soggy am as usual and this one hurt. Mixing the Centurion and Brintonian mile looked good on paper but not so good in practice. However, Brintonian mile includes 20 KB curls, 20 KB lateral extensions, and 20 KB squats so we did modify to make it less painful – your welcome. The rabbits got in 6 rounds while most of the rest got in 5.

Lorax and Brillo out front but old man (not sure he is really that old) Snooka right behind them. Cadillac pushed hard after a “hard” holiday break but he’s on a mission to lose weight so glad he posted. Everyone else gets an A for effort on this one.

pul·sate/ˈpəlˌsāt/verbgerund or present participle: pulsating

  1. expand and contract with strong regular movements.”blood vessels throb and pulsate”
    • produce a regular throbbing sensation or sound.”a pulsating headache”synonyms:palpitate, pulse, throb, pump, undulate, surge, heave, rise and fall; More
    • be very exciting.”victory in a pulsating semifinal”

Lot of chatter when I called for the pulsating squats. Depending on your condition, your view might be that it meant pain or that it was exciting. Generally, the young guys were experiencing “victory in a pulsating semifinal” while the older PAX experienced more of the throb of blood vessels that created pain. Luckily, no one tried to apply the “surge, heave, rise and fall” part of the definition – saved that part for the weekend I take it.

Mermaid noted its time to sign up for the Joe Davis Run to be held in March this year (since last year was sub-15 degree weather). Extra burpees each week at Centurion for PAX that have not signed up.

Please consider finding a third F activity and get involved. Snowflake is our region’s 3rd F Q or you can contact me if interested in getting involved in middle school mentoring.


Nostradamus Meets Dinky

5 wise men, who know how to stay dry on a rainy day, posted at CCHS for The Fishing Hole.  YHC thought I might be solo but alas the parking deck won a few over (at least BOG said so).

The Thang:

Mosey over to deck for warm up – Cotton pickers, slow lunges, and imperial walkers

Circuit work with burpee ladder at start on level one, run up long ramp to level 3 for shoulder work, then run down to other end of level 3 for ab work before heading down the steps to the start line at level one.   We started with 5 burpees and made five trips so as to finish with 10 burpees at the end while also sprinkling in some peoples chair before shoulder work on level 3

Round 1 shoulder work was regular merkins, stagger right, and stagger left and ab work was dolly and low flutter

Round 2 shoulder work was CDD and wide arm merkins and ab work was Rosalita and high flutter (lunge walk half way down level 3)

Round 3 bear crawl up to car then run to level 3 for shoulder work of regular merkins and diamonds and ab work of box cutters and knee ups (backward run half way and karaoke other half on level 3)

Round 4 crab walk about 20 yards before run up to level 3 for shoulder work of balls to the wall and planks and ab work of LBC (backward run half way and karoke other half down level 3)

Round 5 we ran up middle stairs to level 4 and then down the stairs at end to level 1 (only time we got all the way in the rain except beginning and ending mosey)

Finish with peoples chair and 20 merkins OYO

Naked moleskin

One of the PAX guessed 7 burpees on round 3 of the circuit (aka Nostradamus) and other quickly caught on for last two rounds.   Old guys are really smart.   I bet more guys would have posted if they had known Nostradamus was going to post.   He’s even more famous than OBT and OBT drew a crowd of 14 but the weather was infinitely better that day (timing matters).

Blades of Glory was stumped when I asked him how tall was the tallest skater to ever win an olympic medal but he said we would research and get back to me.  I could not find on google but did find this comment

“Lysacek, like Boitano, is tall for a singles skater. Most seem to range in the 5’6 – 5’8 range
Ladies are lucky to be an inch or two over five foot.
Scott Hamilton isn’t even five four, neither is Paul Wylie. They are dinky even by mens figure skaters standards.
expand your horizon and watch the other disiplines, you’ll be presently surprised.”

Google can be harsh – calling BOG is “dinky” is just wrong.   If they had seen him slogging it out on the deck this am they would a least given him a “stylish” rating

Caddilac surprised me by being ready on time for the car pool pick up much less being out at all.  He is starting to get his act together (age will do that to a man) and his fitness is coming along nicely.

Chopper didn’t find any loose change on the deck floor so his running tally is still $25.29.  Cooter asked if he could manage that stash but found out he is also a financial planner and didn’t need help – thank you very much.   I think Chopper and Cooter both went back after COP to look for more change.

As always, an honor and a privilege to lead this am.


Christmas parties coming up and Joe Davis Memorial run sign up is available (race moved to March).


Pavers and Milk Jugs are the “Easy” Solution

15 men decided not to coast into the weekend and post at the Best Friday AO in Charlotte.     The pressure was on to set the bar high given the site and the fact that Mermaid has the Q next Friday.  The “easy” solution was to grab coupons from our favorite hiding place and find a partner.  One partner selects a sand filled jug and the other grabs two pavers.

The Thang:

With coupons and partner, mosey over to parking deck for quick warm up.   IW X10, Cotton Pickers X10, Slow Squats X10, Mountain climbers X10

With partner, run the short ramps stopping at each turn for ascending partner hand slap merkins.    2 at first turn, 4 at second, all the way up 12 at top deck before heading back down the stairs to the starting point.

With coupons, mosey off campus via Chipotle cut thru and run down to greenway entrance.  Partners do 25 combined pull ups (50 if you performed Australian style).  Partners switch between pull ups and squats until the 25/50 pull ups are completed.   Run back to parking deck (about 1/2 mile each way).

Start at bottom of stairs and perform 2 partner decline merkins (each).    Run to level 4 and perform 4 pdm (each).  Run down to top of middle stairs and perform 6 pdm (each).  Run down the stairs and perform 8 pdm (each).  Run to far end stairs (well one team followed the direction) and perform 10 pdm (each).  Run up the stairs to level 4 and perform 12 pdm (each).  Meet in the middle and perform 14 pdm 9 (each).   Squat waiting on the six.

Start at top in middle with 4 flutters (8 total movements) and then run down the short ramps, stopping at each turn for increasing flutters (8, 12, 16, 20, 24).

Drop off coupons and head back up the short ramps for a burpee ladder, performing burpees at each turn (1 to 6).   People chair for a few minutes waiting on the six.

Head down the stairs and pick up coupons before returning to parking lot.    Finish with some plank work and exercises from Orange Theory (Hops wants royalties on the modified Cumberland Cty viaducts).

Naked Moleskin

Nice to see a few new faces sprinkled in with mostly familiar faces (most of the familiar faces are pretty darn ugly).    Zuckerburg back from long hiatus so maybe not the best one to make your comeback at but you survived.  In sync also looked like he got his money’s worth with the coupons.

Runstopper conveniently only grabbed one paver and didn’t have to do any partner work since he was last (and late) and the odd man out.     He was way ahead of the PAX so one paver much weigh down a man more than I thought.   I was comforted to realize at end that he didn’t try to break the one in half and reduce is load even further.

Purple Haze hates pavers and that’s why I love bringing them out.    Plus, it slows down the young fast guys and gives me a slight chance to keep up.  The complaining was relatively light so I may have to replace the hand held pavers with something larger.

The pull ups don’t really work with a PAX larger than 8 so we had to modify and throw in Australian style to maximize use of all the “equipment” at the Greenway.

I’m guessing we got close to 3 miles but someone can verify via comments.


Joe Davis Run sign up starting soon.    Race moved to March (I think) to see if they can get better weather.  Last several years have been either really cold or wet.

Please pray for Hannibal’s M, who has skin cancer that has to be eradicated.  Hannibal is confident they will beat it but it’s still upsetting.

As always, an honor and a privilege to lead this group.

Winging it on Day 3

Anvil today was my third Q in 3 days and I had to try to motivate myself – leaders can’t quit on their men.    However, I usually only have a rough plan when I start and today was no exception.  11 men gathered on time and were properly disclaimed before following the Alpha Stallion – wait Alpha Stallion leads from behind – before following YHC down the lane by the church.

The Thang:

Mosey over to middle parking lot for some warm up:

  1. IW x10
  2. Mtn Climbers X15
  3. Windmills X10
  4. Cotton pickers X10 (Purple Haze request – didn’t want to make him grumpy early so I complied)
  5. Peter Pakers X10
  6. Merkins X10

Partner up and mosey over to rock pile to grab 1 lifting rock per team.   Partner 1 runs down to end of lot and back while partner 2 does called exercise:

Round 1 – Backward run down and sprint back while partner does curls – flap jack

Round 2 – Karoke down and sprint back while partner does overhead push presses – flap jack

Round 3 – Bear crawl to first light (about 25 yards) and then sprint down to end and back while partner does squats – flap jck

Mosey to parking lot down near fields for some shoulder/core work.   Partner 1 does called shoulder work while partner 2 holds the rock while doing called Mary

Round 1 – Flutters and merkins

Round 2 – Dolly and CDD

Round 3 – American hammer and Diamonds

Mosey over to picnic area for dips X20, incline merkins X10 and dips X20.    Mosey to other side of building for people chair with rock while partner does balls to the wall.    Flap jack twice

Mosey back to rock pile to drop off rocks and then circle up for more Mary.     Rosalita, High flutter, dolly, flutter, and side crunches

Back to parking lot closet to 51 for a modified beast.    Three rounds with six stops at each island in the middle for 6 of called exercise.

Round 1 – Squats

Round 2 – Lunges

Round 3- Burpees (always finish the beast with burpees even if modified)

Mosey back to launch point for two quick sprints down the lot to kill the remaining minute

Naked MS

Glad to have this stretch of 3 consecutive Q’s is over.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought even with Fast Twitch in the middle.   We kept the mileage down and that kept Purple Haze happy since he ran about 7 miles with me yesterday (well not with me as I only got in 6).   First time working out with Clover, Muwana, and Cocoa.   Snooka continues to amaze the pax with his speed for old man as he refuses to tell us what PED’s he uses for his fountain of youth. Caddilac is now posting regularly and good to hear plus he gets bragging rights for at least a day over Dr Belding who fart sacked.    Appreciate the invite from Lorax to Q even though I didn’t plan on 3 in a row when I originally accepted.

Apologies for the one PAX I forgot.    I spent so much time remembering the names of the new guys that I forgot one of the regulars (I think he is a regular but not sure since I FORGOT). (EDIT – Utah was there.  He beat me in a 10K  few years ago and I still have not forgiven him.  HIPPA made me add his name)

Announcements – Get out in the community and lock shields with other F3 men to make an impact.    We need more leaders now than ever and there are all kinds of needs.

As always, humbled and honored to lead such a great group (and Haze).

Copyright Infringement – Alpha Stallion

Somehow, the Fast Twitch site Q got the “brilliant” idea to ask YHC to Q the hardest workout in Area 51 – he may get fired this week.  Not sure if site Q asking me to lead or me accepting was the dumber decision although likely me as the site Q figured it would be a taper week with me on Q (or maybe not).    The site Q hasn’t seen me because I generally don’t do running workouts anymore (although I am huge fan of Ragnar now).   I generally now hang out at best mid-way during boot camp  and in the way back for running portions.   I even tried to switch with Swiper, who had the Hawks Next Q, but he wouldn’t take the bait (or help an old man out).

So, Monday night and I am asking myself how I can lead this crew when I can’t see most of them during the workout.  I remembered a Spooky John post from last year about “Leading from Behind” and knew I had the answer.   Here is an excerpt from his back blast

[“Leading from behind” was a thing a few years back, right? Something out of Harvard Business School so it MUST be legit.  That’s right, now I remember.  Just a quick call up to Foggy Bottom and I should be set.

Me: Hello, I need Mike (1)

Operator: Who?

Me: Rex!  You know, the SECRETARY!

Operator: Sorry sir, he is a little busy right now.  You have heard there are a few things going on right now right?

Me: Uh… yes, but this is important.  I need to learn to Lead from Behind and I hear you are the guys to teach me.

Operator: Sorry sir, that is SO last administration.  These days its all about MAGA!!!

Me: Hmmm… MAGA doesn’t really fit with my theme ma’am.

Operator: Well, how about America First?

Me: Well — -not really.  These guys I work out with are all about being third or something like that.

Operator: THIRD!!!??? Our boss calls third the second loser.

Me: Yeah, well I don’t think he would quite get it.  So, no more “Lead from Behind” experts up there anymore???

Operator: No.

Me: Alright, I’ll try elsewhere. Thanks for the effort and good luck with the world and all that.]

(1) Updated from original post to reflect current office holder, who replaced Rex Tillerson


Herds of horses (yes HORSES, what could be better?) are lead by an Alpha Stallion.  And guess what? He leads them FROM BEHIND.  Oh yeah.  That works.  The Alpha Stallion might even bite a beta horse or two just to keep them in line.  No biting but I did nudge a few guys to run faster.   Seriously look this up and feel free to call me Alpha Stallion from now on.

Oh, and we ran 6-8.5 miles (Rosie said he ran 8.5) doing a merkin/burpee ladder on Raintree with merkins at each intersection X4 (first intersection = 4, 2nd intersection = 8, etc) and burpees of round X 1 (1 burpee after round 1, 2 after round 2, etc).  Rosie and a few  others  got close to 6 in while the rest finished at least 5.  Strong work.  Alf was disappointed because only an Ethiopian marathon runner could have finished all 8 legs in one hour but I say set the bar high and see what you are capable of – might surprise yourself.

Rosie out front all morning but he should be at 19 (I am almost 3 times his age – damn).    Ironsides kept me company in the back while Full House tripped on a toy a few weeks ago at Fast Twitch and was nursing a sore knee.  Alf will be nursing a bruised ego all day since no one finished all 8 rounds but everyone pushed hard and got in at least 6 miles.   Surprisingly, Haze was not grumpy this morning and Gummy didn’t complain much (or I was too far back to hear them is more likely). Strong work by all 12 (even Gummy).

All will be good with the world if I can just get my wife to call me the Alpha Stallion.

PS – Hopefully, Spooky Jon (the original Alpha Stallion) will not read this and sue for royalties.   This is my 2nd Q in a three day stretch of Q’s so creativity is hard to come by.   Post at Anvil tomorrow for completion of my tri-fecta, especially if you don’t want to run a lot tomorrow.

Steady rotation at the Bermuda Triangle

17 Pax at CCHS for another week at Centurion – no pavers this week (your welcome Champagne – I’m getting soft in my old age).

The Thang:

Warm up with IW’s X11, Diamons X11, Mtn Climbers X11

Mosey out of lot, accross 51, and over to base of big hill behind Amelies.   Reverse Bermuda Triangle route (Hurricanes do rotate counter clockwise  – left turns all the way just like Nascar) with following modifications:

  1. Backward run down straight-away to stop sign
  2. Bear crawl up side-walk to tables
  3. 10 dips and 10 decline merkins
  4. Side plank walk down side-walk to end
  5. Mosey over to other straight-away
  6. Broad jump (walk for Pro) down to light pole
  7. Run up to top of hill and do 1 burpee

Repeat 4 more times, increasing the burpee count by 1 each round.   The rabbits did some mary waiting on the six.

Line up in parking lost and down to six inches.  Sprint down to end of lot and back to six inches.   We did this a few times.

Mosey over to parking lot by Amelies for some work – low flutter x11, slow squats X11, CDD X11, SSH X1

Mosey over to picnic benches in front of school for quick circuit of 10, 15, and 10 step ups and incline merkins

Mosey around the football field and back to launch point.  Finish with boat/canoe and them burpees for 30 seconds


Pretty standard stuff with the same chatter from the same guys.   Purple Haze pointed out Nascar drivers take only left turns when questioning my route at the Bermuda Triangle before quickly realizing he has been doing it wrong all along.  Your welcome.   Prohibition actually did almost 50% of the exercises today so he is improving (a bit).  Champagne continues is unjust criticism of my form and thus future requests related to pavers will be ignored.

Scabby was out front even though he just finished 4 man BRR run (52 miles) and getting ready for Table Rock Ultra (50k) next weekend.    That is beast mode (and just stupid).

Tried to slow down the young fast guys but mostly succeeded in wearing myself out.   Don’t even have energy for an average BB so this will have to do.


Nada/zilch – Time to get some momentum in Area 51 – 3rd F

Take out – We prayed for all in the path of Hurricane Florence.

As always, an honor to lead this group.

Korean BBQ covered in sweat

It was another humid day in September. The original plan was spend the whole workout at the parking deck, but plans were changed because of the high humidity, lack of air circulation and the need for fresh air so we went off campus.

The Thang

Mosey to end of stadium
• 15 Mountain Climbers (IC) Hold it.
• 15 Peter Parkers (IC) Hold it.
• 15 Man Maker Merkins

Mosey to back of Lowes
• Wall Sits with 60 Air Presses
• 20 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to Stairs by Bonchon at McMullen Creek Market and partner up
• Set 1: Each Partner Runs stairs and around upper courtyard X 3, Incline push-ups, Decline push-ups, Dips.
• Set 2: Repeat stair routine X 3, Squats, Step-ups, Lunges
• Set 3: Repeat Stair routine X 3, P2: Heels to Heaven, Bicycles, Flutter

Mosey to Back of Lowes again
• Wall Sit with 60 Air Presses
• 20 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to top left of parking deck going up the 3 flights of stairs
• Wall Sits with 60 Air Presses (IC)
• 10 Broad Jump Burpees
• 15 Jump Squats
• 20 LBCs (IC)
• 10 Burpees
• 15 Squats
• 20 Rosalitas (IC)

Mosey back to start

Naked Moleskin

Small crowd this AM – probably a combination of BRR, lack of marketing, and the comforts of the fartsack. Regardless, everyone who showed up worked hard as YHC tried to keep mileage down as part of the AO requirements. YHC is obviously missing out on the Korean BBQ at Bonchon which was a hot topic among the Pax because it was right beside the stair work. The Burpees at the end of the workout seemed to be crowd pleasers. YHC workouts have been very sporadic so it was wonderful to get out in the gloom with the Pax despite the humidity.



Based on site Q pre-tweet last night, 16 PAX arrived at Calvary thinking Anvil would be Lollapalooza (do Baptists even allow Lollapalooz’a on their property).  None of the PAX bothered to buy a ticket from the Q in advance so YHC decided to switch from providing the beat to providing a beat-down.

The Thang:

Disclaimer properly given once Brilleaux walks up (right as the clock hits go time).   We mosey to parking lot on other side of campus for quick warm up –

  1. SSH X5 (cut short out of respect to Hops and Purple Haze – don’t know what came over me that led me to give those two any respect)
  2. Mtn Climbers X15
  3. Diamonds X10
  4. Slow squats X10
  5. 5 burpees

Over to base of hill near ball field for Jacobs Ladder.   Run up to top of hill and back down.  One burpee.   Repeat the hill run for 7 trips increasing the burpee count up to 7 on last leg.  Lorax out front but the dude is only 32 (or something like that) so no VT for him

Find a partner and line up abreast on the soccer field.    Partner 1 does called exercise while partner 2 does a mini suicide to small goal and back and then large goal and back.  Flap jack with partner

Round 1 – Merkins and dolly while partner does bear crawl to small goal, sprint back, then sprint to far goal and backward run back to start line

Round 2 – Wide arms and flutter while partner does lunge walk to small goal, sprint back, karoke down to large goal and karaoke back

Round 3 – Partner carry to small goal and back, flapjack, and then alternate sprint down to large goal and backward run back

Round 4 –  Carolina dry docks and LBC’s while partner broad jumps to small goal, runs back, and then sprint to large goal and backward run back.

Mosey up to pavilion for 3 quick sets of circuit work (10, 15, 10) – Step ups, dips, and decline merkins

Mosey down to rock pile and grab one rock per team.  Line up abreast in the parking lost.  Alternate short and long run down lot while partner does curls, push presses, and lateral extensions.    We ran two sets for each partner (roughly).

Drop off rock and head down to lower lot near where we park.    Partner 1 does inverted plank leg lifts (sounds good even if that is not what it is called) while partner 1 does lunge walk half way down, sprint the other half and then backward run back.   We may have done another circuit but I don’t remember for sure.

Back to starting point for some mary and stretching (wise old man move).

Naked Moleskin (someone may have to tell Dangerfield what that means along with Merkin or he can google it).

Strong group out this am.   Caddilac building up some steam coming of IR (a two year IR but at least he’s back).   Cobains to him as we went over 2 miles even though I told him I would try to keep it under 2 miles.   Kingswood was representing strong with YHC, Caddilac, and Dr. Belding.    We are ready to take on any hood.

Lots of whining from the regulars.  The grass was recently cut and moist so it was a little uncomfortable but that makes us stronger (and smellier).   Bug Eater threatened to leave early but it was an empty threat since it didn’t come until 6:08.  Purple Haze just likes to haze YHC but complaining about the runs at the end was out of character.

No BRR runners in the group but that is understandable  – this was not really a Taper workout.   We discussed Spike Ball as an alternative so I may be reaching out to a few PAX to see if we can come up with a workout based on the game.  Way more fun then running.  Team Flat-n-the-Hills heading up to Hanibal estate for some fellowship tomorrow night to honor the end of our 4 year streak and to provide well wishes to teams at exchange zone 6 before heading back to Charlotte.    Might be some spots open so hit him up.


Best wishes to all the teams running BRR and please continue to pray for Palmer family and Jennings recovery.

As always, a privilege and honor to lead this am.





Modify as Necessary Taken Too Far

I know the Disclaimer is important but several pax, including the two AO founders, seemed to take it a bit too far (I think their heart rate got higher climbing out of bed this am – why bother).   10 were properly disclaimed (a few took notes) and it was time to get down to business The Fishing Hole way (low miles).

Mosey out of lot and lunge walk to next speed bump.  Mosey over beside football field (where there will be a massacre tomorrow night) and bear crawl between 1st and 2nd speed bumps and plank walk between 2nd and 3rd speed bumps.  Mosey down to practice field.

COP – Merkins X10, CDD’s X10, Stagger Right X5, Stagger left X5

Partner work

  1. Partner leg throws
  2. P1 planks and partner 1 crawls underneath and around 5 times.  Flapjack and repeat
  3. Partner leg throws

Mosey over to parking deck and plank for the six.   Find partner for hand slap merkin ladder.   1 HSM, plank walk to next line, 2 HSM’s, plank walk to next line and go up the ladder to 6.   A few minutes of mary at deck 2 with flutter x15, dolly x15, and Rosalita x15.   Bear crawl half way down deck 2 and then lunge walk to half way point.    Ladder 1-6 partner HSM with plank walk up to level three.   Broad jumps and lunge walk to half way point and then mosey to other end of level 3.   Partner carry up to level 4 twice.

20 OYO decline merkins and then mosey down the stairs and to front of school for circuit work.  5, 10, and then 15 of step ups, dips, and incline merkins

Mosey back to parking deck.   Ladder of 5, 10, and 15 Dragon kicks on the fence and balls to the wall merkins on the parking deck wall.

Mosey back to starting point for a few minutes of stretching (important at any age but especially for this beat up old bunch).

The Fun Stuff

My last lead was the hardest workout ever (Hardest workout ever ) and this one had the most modifying as necessary ever so I have two VT’s on my shelf.   Mr. Bean and Frehley’s Comet would both be shot if a vet checked them out.  Kirby did have an excuse as he’s coming off IR and Strange Brew did a pre-run so I figure he deserved some modifications.   Lots of guys looking like they are injured but I would need a doctors note to confirm.

On the agenda for the next Area 51 board meeting is whether or not to purchase gas masks for the workouts that Frehley’s attends.   A herd of cows doesn’t put out as much methane as he does.

Tag-a-long didn’t get the note that this is an old man workout.    He is not that much over half my age (can the USC grads figure that out – I’m 53 so roughly how old is he?).

Purple Haze was caught cheating over at Planet Fitness last time I Q’d so he knew he had to post.  He made the mistake of telling me where the new location is.  We don’t have to run that far but rather we can just change the launch point of the AO to the PF parking lot.

Cooter said he is Cooter #1 – not sure how to interpret that.  He seemed pretty proud of it but I was a little nervous after hearing him state it.   I don’t think he hangs out with Caitlyn Jenner but one never knows – not for me to judge so I’ll leave it at that.

An honor to lead such an upstanding group of men even if they are a bit broken down.

Announcements – Madame Tassaud is still recruiting for Great Wolf Lodge outing – longest marketing campaign ever

Hardest and longest F3 workout ever

5 pax (4 old and one getting closer every day) conducted the hardest and longest workout ever seen in Area 51.  It was a whopper I tell you.

List of what we did

  • 500 burpees
  • 1,000 merkins
  • 2,000 LBC’s
  • 15 miles of running
  • Mowed Mermaids grass (he’s on vacation)
  • 10 Triple nickels (that $1.50)
  • Bermuda triangle
  • Lifted weights with Purple Haze over at Planet Fitness (I guess that doesn’t count since we worked out inside for that portion)
  • Painted the parking deck

We really got after it – old men can get shit done.

Naked Moleskin – Too tired to remember.  Like I said we got a lot of shit done.  A few observations:

  • Snooka cannot physically do karaoke – odd for the fasted 57 year old man on the planet
  • Shoe is an expert on Croatia now – just ask him
  • Margo didn’t bring us some home made beer – I should have made him do 600 burpees
  • Jamboree actually beat Snooka in one of the running portions but came in dead last in the bear crawls

PS – We actually ran two miles and stopped at a rock pile, the outside tables, the parking deck and a nasty ladder of 5, 10, 15, 20 dragon flies and donkey kicks before finishing with a few minutes of Mary but that didn’t sound like a very big fish.