The Man Who Invented the Fourth Tire was a Genius

The Man Who Invented the Fourth Tire was a Genius

We did flip a big tractor tire and it reminded me of the joke that the real genius was the guy who invented the fourth tire.   13 men, including a strong 4 from Kingswood neighborhood, got the weekend started off right (Get Right) at Centurion.   Weather was oddly not that hot but very humid.   Two PAX over 60 made YHC feel young (but look bad) but Slim Fast (at 28) was barely beating Snooka (60 – WD) in the sprints.

The Thang:

COP with squats, Mtn Climbers, Peter Parkers, Diamonds, Stagger R and L, and burpees.

Mosey across 51 with brief stop in office lot for bear crawl up the parking lot and crab walk back.

Mosey to rock pile off Little Ave and grab a rock.  Some suspicious excuses about lack of choices when I queried a few pax about the small size of their rock.  Up to top of deck for rock exercise and deck sprint combo.   We did 10, 15, 20 of curls, overhead presses and squats.    Heart rate and sweat level were quickly elevated.

Over to flat part of deck for rock pass.    Pax sit down shoulder to shoulder and we pass two rocks down the line.   Once you pass the 2nd rock you get up and run down to other end to move the line.  We went half way down the deck with precision and perfect planning (two rocks with 13 pax was just right).

Mosey back down to rock pile to drop off the rocks and then hit the practice field.  COP for a few minutes of mary with flutters, dollies and Boone LBC’s.    Then divide into two groups with each group finding a tractor tire.  Flip the tire mid way across the field and then back.  Tires were extra heavy as they were water logged.

Mosey up to school for sprint/merkin combo down to other end of deck and the lunge walk.   Mosey back across 51 and line up for a few more sprints from flat/six inches position.    Mosey back to starting point and finish up with LBC’s, boat/canoe, burpees, and squat jumps.


Great group this am with wide dispersion in ages – 27 to 60.   I tried to mix it up so there was something for everyone.  Kingswood won the neighborhood turnout contest (I think) with four.    We all need to headlock (EH) guys proximate to us and get them out to F3 as we all benefit.   At one time we had 20+ consistently at Centurion and that should be our goal.

Next week we have special guest appearance as F3 Nantan Slaughter has the Q so spread the word.  Pax from The Brave will converge with us.


GOP coordinating a trail run at Marion Diehl back yard trails on 10/30 so mark your calendar – should be a great event.

Blood drive – Please consider signing up for the next F3 Area 51 blood drive.   Sign up can be found on Slack channel.

Pray for the Waxhaw pax who is struggling with Covid and also for a Raleigh guy that just passed away.   We never know when our time here may come to an end so let’s make the most of every day.

As always, it was an honor and a privilege to lead this great group this morning.

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