Options are good when the plan is a 45 minute COP

Options are good when the plan is a 45 minute COP

10 pax took on the first cold morning of the fall with gusto.      Prohibition had not been to Centurion since Covid forced us off CCHS campus (and by the looks hadn’t posted since pre-Covid anywhere).  Waffle House came in short sleeve shirt and no gloves – I guess the fuel at Waffle House keeps one warm a long time.

As YHC has an ankle ravaged by gout but needed to get out of the fartsack, I chose a plan, unconventional for sure, that was adapted for my ailment but also allowed the PAX OPTIONS.

COP – We did 45 minutes of typical COP exercises plus some ridiculous modified bear crawl called by Point Break.   However, each time YHC yelled Option, pax could decide to stay in COP or run to Cabo at other end of shopping center and back.  If I yelled Option Belding then the PAX followed Dr Belding to the hill behind the shopping center for some work (I have no idea what since I didn’t leave COP).

Naked Moleskin

I appreciate the PAX allowing me to Q a workout that involved zero running (if you chose that Opion).   Emoji and Snowflake evidently also have gout as they stayed with me for most if not all of the 45 minutes.  Either that or they just love me and didn’t want me to be by myself.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead at Centurion where long, long ago (maybe 20 years) I was site Q.

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1 year ago

Well done, Chelms (aka gimpy). It definitely felt like I hadn’t posted since pre-covid. At least the scale agrees with that. Solid lead even without moving.

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