Promises made, promises kept (this time)

Promises made, promises kept (this time)

Eleven strong entered the Area 51 hotbox known at Centurion.   Per Emoji, 110 degrees in Nevada is like 75 in Charlotte since they don’t have much humidity.    Pay attention and you can learn something every day (regardless of how true it may or may not be)  I promised Homeboy and Shoe I would keep the miles under 2 miles and we came in at 1.6 miles.      Average that with last time I promised an under 2.0 mile boot camp and I am just under 2.0 miles.   Your welcome

The Thang:

Warm up with ascending Burpees from 1 to 10 (we skipped 7, 8, and 9 – more later) and called exercise in between each number.  Mosey across 51 after short bear crawl and head over to the rock pile off McMahon Drive.   Tested out a new exercise with rocks – lift, overhead press, and throw the rock.   Thankfully no one got hurt and YHC decided to consign that exercise to the closet, never to be seen again (works fine with sand bags).   Curls, push presses, skull crushers and rock carry up McMahon and back. 

Ditch rock and head down to the swimming pool lot for some partner work.  Partner 1 does called exercise up the lot while partner 2 does called exercise at bottom.  Thanks to reminder from SlimFast, we did 7 burpees we skipped during warm up.   The other PAX were very grateful that SlimFast reminded me that I had skipped 7-9.

Head over to the old starting spot next to the now open art center for CCHS (I will reach out to see if we can go back to parking there for Centurion) for a few minutes of mary.     Complete 8 burpees (once again the pax thanked SlimFast

Head over to road between parking deck and football field.  Bear crawl to wall, jump/climb over wall, head to opposite wall for 5 donkey kicks  and then back over wall and back to fence.    15 Dragon Flies in cadence and then repeat the bear crawl/wall climb/donkey kick circuit.

Up stairs to top of deck and then finish the burpee circuit with 9 burpees.   Back down stairs over to the brick patio for some incline merkins, slow squats, and decline merkins.

Mosey back to starting point and run out the clock with burpees.

Naked Moleskin

Great group and shitty weather (humidity of 125% if that is possible).   My posse from the neighborhood showed up to help get our count over 10 and much appreciated.   It is easy to get stagnant so change is good.  Also, we have to continue to headlock guys to grow.    Landfill showed us the way by recruiting Dinero – good work.

Not only can I see into the future, as Emoji pointed out, by moving the pax off the road right before a car came plowing thru, I can see into the past, per Snuka, when I called the exact same circuit as last week with the wall climbs.

Shoe has the baddest motorcycle in Charlotte – a Ducati.   Looks like Tom Cruise when he rolls in on that thing.   Can’t wait to hear how it goes when/if he gets it over 25MPH.

Slim Fast likes to poke the bear since he is under 30 and can run circles around the rest of us.  The extra burpees helped him reach his goal.

Per Horsehead (stolen from another BB), there are only 21 frosted flakes in a serving and that seems stingy.

As always, I am blessed to have the opportunity to lead such a fine group of men.


Please consider participating in Tour de Turns on August 6th.  Great family event to support to great causes – Loaves and Fishes and Friendship Trays.

Working on effort to ramp up men involvement in schools.  Look for more information in August/September.  We need more men involved in our schools to mentor young men.


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