Come “Steal” my Sand Bags

Come “Steal” my Sand Bags

12 men took the red pill and posted at Centurion this fine morning on 10/14.   The age range was 38 (ish) to 62 (Snooka) but it was hard to tell much difference in physical ability.   Bat Man did stand out but he is the youngest.

The Thang

COP – SSH X35, Merkins – Down count to 15, Squats – down count to 15

Divide up into three teams (YHC has a hard time with math and originally divided 12/3 for 4 teams – only had 3 sand bags).   Each team grabbed a sand bag and we headed over to Palantine Hill for some team work.   One PAX does squats with sand bag while other team members run to top and do 10 squats and return with each team member taking turn with sand bag.    We switched hills after the first run up as the grass on the top of hill one hasn’t been cut since pre-Covid and we almost lost 4 pax.

Mosey to bottom of Palantine for Bermuda triangle with a twist.    We ran one loop for directions (15 dips and incline merkins at picknic tables, 20 flutters and dollies at end of drive way, and ascending burpees at bottom of Palantine).   Twist was one team member runs with bag in opposite direction until meeting up with team member for switch.  I think we did 3 rounds.

Mosey back to starting point for some COP and then bear crawl/burpee broad jump/sprint work on the parking lot.   Finish with 1 minute of monkey humpers.

NM – Great group.   Bat Man was the first person to ever explain how to properly do a monkey humper but Shoe was the only one listened.  I have no idea if he was correct as I googled it and could not find a You Tube video to confirm.  That is the first time I have ever Googled anything and not gotten an answer and that includes:

  • How do you boil an owl
  • Is a woman ever rational
  • Did Cadillac really graduate from UNC
  • How many clowns can fit in a volkswagon bug

Emoji tried to spring past Four Square and I had a feeling it would not work.    The problem is I forgot to block Four Squares path – that one is on me.

The men of Kingswood encourage any pax to steal the sand bags and cinder blocks at end of drive way.  They do get good use in our neighborhood workouts.

COT – Continued prayers for Shoe’s mom and starting prayers for Bat Man’s family who is dealing with stressful living situation.   Praise for my Mom’s return to health and pending move to Charlotte to be close to two of her sons.

Honored to get to lead such a great group of men – and Homeboy.

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