Islands in the Parking Lot

Islands in the Parking Lot

Keeping the BB short and simple

The Warmup

The Warmup started with a long Mosey to start dynamic stretching

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 IW
  • 15 LSS
  • 15 Seconds per leg Glidah stretch (runners stretch)
  • 15 Seconds per leg Hurry stretch (Pigeon)

The Thang

PAX Mosey to large parking lot with islands in the middle to perform many different exercises. Workout was simple:

1) Get to first island due rep of (5) reps of the called out exercise

2) Move to next the island due (10) reps of the same exercise

3) Move to next island due (15) reps of the same exercise

4) Move to end of the lot due (20) reps of the same exercise

5) Mosey back to first island and complete the next exercise

Some of the exercises were pickle pounders, bobby hurleys, heels to heaven, merkins, LBC, flutters, mike tysons and the real treat was “how” to reach each island

  • Mosey, run backwards, side straddle left side, side straddle right side, and then everyone’s favorite the bear crawl. All the PAX groaned at the same time and Sugar said that was BB material.

PAX got in three miles by going back and forth in a parking lot!


6-man Twinkle Toes

Welcome FNG Stryker (Alex Sohn)

Rooster March 13 (more details will follow)

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