Your Gateway Drug to F3

Your Gateway Drug to F3


Warm Up

Mosey around parking lot, with some carioca, butt kickers and high knees.

Circle up and 10 reps of: SSH, IW, Moroccan NCs, LSS, MC, Peter Parker, Plank
Stretch: Can Opener (2. elbow low, .3 hand high), flapjack, then up for 5x of Sun Worshiper to Cossack Squat each leg

The Thang

Kick off with some tunes doing 45’s, which is 45 seconds of an exercise to music. I choose two songs that cover 9 minutes, so we get in 2 rounds.  Based on the mumble chatter I reduced the time for the planks on the second pass:
1. Superman hold
2. In and Out and Merkin
3. Bobby Hurly with floor slap
4. Crab Cake
5. Side Plank Left
6. Side Plank Right

Run to the start of the course and divide into teams of 3.  With the team staying together but socially distanced, compete in a race against the other teams to complete four two laps. The course circles the parking lot with an optional detour.  Reps at most stations are up to chance, at the mercy of the dice being rolled by the PAX.

1. Slalom course – fast mosey rounding 6 cones (easily had room to add 2 more)
2. Speed skater (reps = die roll x3)
3. Broad Jump to next cone
4. Merkin (reps = die roll x2)
5. High Knee to next cone
6. Mike Tyson (reps = die roll x2)
7. Bear Crawl to next cone
8. Lunge 2=1 (reps = die roll x1)
9. Butt Kicker to next cone
10. Team decides how many Burpees to do, choosing A or B. Who’s feeling lucky?
A. roll one die for burpee reps & then take long route to the start
B. roll two dice for burpee reps & to earn a short-cut to the start

6 MoM

With about 6 minutes to spare we circled up for some Mary and did PAX called: Heals to Heaven, Box Cutter, American Punch-out, BigBoys, Freddie Mercury, American Hammer and Crab Foot Raises? (Just ask Twinkle Toes to demonstrate) and maybe another one or two.  Note to self, think twice about which 2.0 you call during Mary #littleAbsOfSteel


Today: The workout was tougher than expected, but the feedback was very positive, so mission accomplished. Special thanks to T1000 for giving me a great Christmas present of 6 oversized dice, which were perfect for a goofy game in an Appetizer workout.

Tomorrow+:  If you’re reading this, you’ve already drunk the kool-aid and don’t think twice about setting your alarm to 5AM.  But I bet you also know a few guys who were interested in F3 – until you mentioned workouts start at 5:30AM.  This is a large untapped group of men who know they need F3, but they ruled it out not knowing they have options.  The Appetizer & Clyent Dinner can be the teaser that eases these guys into F3 without the leap of rearranging their sleep schedules.

So don’t just think of these evening workouts as a make-up for fartsacking, or as a chance to spend time with your 2.0s with a bunch of other dads where you build bonds and lead by example, it is also a great time to introduce F3 to those harder to reach guys who need it just as much.  Share the word and EH these guys and bring them to our AO.  After a taste of F3 in the evening workouts, they’ll show up to some Saturday workouts, and before long setting the alarm to 5AM isn’t so crazy and they’re actually looking forward to it.


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