Limey’s VQ

Limey’s VQ

The Thang



  • Imperial
  • Low slow
  • Peter Parker
  • Mountain climber
  • mosey – 1 lap track
  • x2:

o   crabwalk/lunges/bearcrawl/broad jumps

o   1 lap track

  • mosey to rocks
  • x2:

o   rock: curl/bent row x20

o   run to bleachers – x10 step ups per leg

o   supine pull up x10

  • x2:

o   rock: tri/bench x20

o   run to bleachers – x10 step ups per leg

o   incline pushup on bleacher x20

o   decline pushup on bleacher x10

  • rock: pick one set from previous, x20
  • x2:

o   wall – arm raises x50

o   Calf raises x40

  • AYG run parking lot x2
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Rosalita
  • Hammer
  • LBC


Good crowd for a Monday.  A couple of new faces I hadn’t seen in a while which is always good.  Flojo showed up and helped represent the neighborhood.  Felt bad for Sardine, not an easy itinerary with one arm.  I think he modified more than he followed.  Spackler and Gloss weren’t wild about the all-you-got run at the end.  After realizing they ran an extra mile+ each way to get there I don’t blame them.  Appreciate Thunder Road including my brother-in-law in the prayer.  Reminder to enjoy every day and don’t take them for granted, you never know what can happen.


Enjoyed my first Q.  Thanks to Mr. Magoo for singling me out and making me finally pull my weight.

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