Crime Free Diesel

Crime Free Diesel

3 PAX posted on the empty basketball courts at Briarcrest. The rims have been removed, so are they really basketball courts any more? This morning they weren’t; they were our personal weight room. Turnbuckle parked at the clubhouse and was quick to lock his car doors upon stepping out. Not sure what kind of crime they have over in the Mill but Brutus assured him that the Crests of Briars is safe. I’m not so sure since there have been regular Deadwood sightings…

Anyways, thank you to Smithers for putting together this wienke, though pretty much ANYTHING would be better than that garbage Recalc put out.

20 – SSH
15 – Imp Walkers
10 – Merkins
15 – Plank Jacks
5 – Burpees

The Thang

Reverse Ladder
8 bicep curl + 8 front raise, then 7 curl +7 raises, down to 1+1 (don’t put down coupon)

1 minute per station as many reps as you can, 15 second break between each (goal should be to get at least 20-30 reps per set). Should be able to get about 4 rounds of each

Triceps Press
Chest Press
Curls (if you get smoked from ladder can change to Big Bois w/coupon)
Shoulder Press


It was a great morning to be working out. Stay safe, fellas

YHC took us out #cradletograve

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