Breakdancing Broke Out At The Rock

Breakdancing Broke Out At The Rock

As if what was about to come wouldn’t suffice, Hoover, Stone Cold and Cheese Curd came in hot from a pre-run.

Low slow squat hold x5
Side straddle hop x10
Arm circles x10
Merkin x10
Arm circles x10
Merkin x10
Imperial Walker

The Thang
Count-off 1,2,3

1 to Soccer field
Burpees incremental +3
Next round audible +2

2 to Half field #1
Jack Webb incremental to 8/32
2 laps

3 to Half field #2
Break Dancers x10
2 laps

Flapjack between fields 1,2 & 3 with field #1 every other.
Bear crawls every other island while mosying between fields.

Cone pickup

Green Sally Merkins /Squats for 3 min

63 minutes

Rogue Boot camp 
Stone Cold
Deep Dish

Rogue Bag Workout
Cheese Curd
Mighty Mite

Rogue Bells Workout

War Eagle

It was a warm and rainy beginning with a few denying the fartsack. ‘Distancing’ took a bit of planning for YHC, yesterday, and the pax stepped up (albeit in short order with sopping wet sneakers) to crush an AMRAP-style workout across three sequestered fields. Despite the social distancing, these cagy, just glad to get outside, happy clowns were visited by Jack, by bears and finally by Sally.

O’Tannenbaum admitted that despite YHC placing a bright red traffic cone on top of a raised drain cover that he couldn’t find it. Actually some Pax were overheard talking about how glad they were to get some rain to ‘take down the pollen’ so maybe O’Tannenbaum got some pollen in his eye? That’s perfectly fine as together we can do anything!

The combined 50 burpees, flanked by bear crawls on both sides was FUN. So much so that when Deep Dish asked YHC if he pre-ran, he was tempted to say ‘yes’ as if it might explain why he was struggling to keep up with Deep Dish and others. It was likely YHCs slow pace that lead to Geraldo’s temporary defecting to another group. It wasn’t uncommon to see a few breakdancing in the rain at times…a real winner. Later, Stone Cold voiced his frustration in not correctly following Sally’s cadence calls…he wasn’t alone.

YHC thanks all for giving an extra 3 minutes to Sally but he assumed anything goes in a not official beatdown. He also thanks Geraldo and Hoover for the chance to not lead this not official small and distanced gathering.



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