Watch Out for Sammy No Shoulders

Watch Out for Sammy No Shoulders

9 Men joined in for a few miles around an empty campus this morning.  The Ecoli in the water got school cancelled again and gave us some fresh non diesel fumes air to fill our lungs.  The fear of the beer virus must have kept quite a few in the sack this morning because it was much lower than normal turnout for Impromptu.  Last Q I had here we had the great blizzard of 2020 with a mere dusting that kept everyone away as well.  Beginning to think the Pax just don’t like a good old fashion Banjo Beatdown.  Anyways if you missed today you missed out on learning about Sammy No Shoulders(Snakes) and the Man in the grey Suit(Sharks).  Deadwood also told us what his wife said about all of his recent weight loss but this is not the place to discuss his weinke, it’s all about my weinke.  DICCS given and we’re off.

Warm-up run to the front of High School

SSHx15, Jimmy Dugan stretch, Merkins x 15, Calf stretch, Wide Arm Merkins, LSS, Diamond Merkins

That Thang:

Mosey to back stadium parking lot for 2 minutes on the clock for 20 Burpees.  Glad to see everyone pushed and accomplished the goal.

Line up for Indian Run, stay on the outside and all the way to Rudy’s Poop Palace.

Find a spot on the wall for 20 Donkey Kicks, Air Presses with Toe Raises, Jabs with Heel Raises

Grab a running rock, everyone grabs one, no sharing and passing germs amongst our rocks!  Here is where I proclaimed watch out for Sammy No Shoulders when searching for your rock. Which Zin responded with a “What in the hell is a Sammy No Shoulders”? My response was “Have you ever seen a snake with shoulders”?  With the rocks Mosey back to stadium parking lot traffic circles.  Drop the rocks in top traffic cirlcle, This exercise:  run to school picnic tables for 15 step ups, back to top traffic circle and run around the loop with rock above your head, then run to bottom traffic circle for 10 Merkin Shredders.  Complete 2 total rounds.

Mosey back with rocks and drop them off and head back to back of high school.  Time for 1 loop of 10 Carolina Dry Docks at bottom intersection, run to stairs and knock out 2 burpees, Bear Crawl from top of the stairs to wall for 5 Mike Tyson”s.  Love this little loop because you can finish off any body part that isn’t hurting.

Mosey back to COT with a stop for some dips, LSS and a nod to Recal with some Bobby Hurley’s.  That was our version of the NCAA tournament since we won’t get to see on this year.


All in all and great morning with good temps and a nice breeze.  I believe I heard we were a little over 3 miles in total.  I was really proud of this group pushing hard especially on the Indian Run.  Indian Runs are one of my favorite things to plan in a weinke because they are an opportunity for us to hold each other accountable.  Swarm also was around this morning but they couldn’t get on the track so I believe they went into the woods and played Hide-and-go-seek.


Convergence with Coffetteria tomorrow, everyone come to Cuthbertson after Homecoming, Commitment and Gladiator

Speed for Need is Cancelled

4-6 Five Stones for Celebration of Life for Marcus Wright, need people to help seat.


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