Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Papa Was a Rolling Stone

20 of Area 51’s finest PAX assembled on a clear and somewhat chilly Thursday morning in the Olde Providence ES staff parking lot to tackle the behemoth known as Hydra aka Where Legends are Made.  Singing her siren song, Immortality beckoned the PAX into the gloom (after a brief and wholly inadequate disclaimer was delivered by YHC to the veteran crew).

Mosey to the OPES Bus parking lot aka The Asphalt Jungle.


  • LSS x17 IC
  • Slow Descending Merkins x10 IC
  • IW x17 IC
  • Peter Parker x10 IC
  • Parker Peter x10 IC
  • Hip Stretch i.e. Broga
  • Plank Jacks x10 IC (YHC’s shoulders were quivering at this point)

The 17 rep count represents the age of YHC’s middle daughter as of today, 27 February, in the Year of Our Lord 2020.  YHC is currently a Father to 4 teenage children which is mystifying, exhilarating, frustrating, and wallet emptying all rolled into one messy package called LIFE.  Are there times when YHC would rather ship his children to boarding schools in upper Montana?  Absolutely, yes.  Are there times when YHC is rendered an emotional, blubbering idiot incapable of speech because his children acted with tenderness and love towards one another and/or me?  Absolutely, yes.  Would YHC trade being a parent for all the Korean Kimchi in the world?  Absolutely, not.  Point being, especially for the younger PAX, it all goes by SO FAST.  Savor the journey.  “Life moves pretty fast.” – Ferris

Back to the epic Weinke…

Mosey to Church rock pile.  Partner up, grab 1 running rock per pair, and get ready for greatness.

Partner A w/ rock – runs Rea-Windyrush-Edinbridge loop CW

Partner B sans rock – runs same loop CCW

Transfer rocks at meeting point.  Continue the loop.


Flapjack loop

Mary  i.e. excuse to catch our collective breaths

Mosey to baseball fields.  Starfish to 4 ea. Center field fences.  17 ea. Merkins, Jump Squats, LBCs, and Plank Knee Ups.  16 SMC’s at the launch.

Mosey to rear of school for People’s Chair.  Overhead Press x17 IC.  BTW x10 secs.

Mosey to basketball court.  “He’s going to do those stupid basketball drills again…”  You damn right, son.  Bear Crawl, Reverse Crab Walk, and Burpee Broad Jumps baseline-to-baseline.

Fast Mosey to Rea Rd and back to Launch per Spackler’s request.




Naked Moleskinny

The 2nd rock carrying loop caused significant wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Phrases such as, “Don’t do it!”, “Who does he think he is?”, and “Bad, bad, bad call Jet Fuel” were slung amidst the PAX directed at YHC.  Running with rocks is somewhat challenging and it had been years since YHC Q’d it; as a result, today was the day.  As Sargent Barnes says in “Platoon” to the severely wounded soldier, “Shut up and take the pain!!”  You are all better men for the double rock loop, simply admit it and thank me later.  Or better yet, thank Foghorn for sporting the man tights with tucked-in workout shirt.  Untucked be damned!  Foghorn was YHC’s partner for the rock loop extravaganza, and he absolutely crushed it in both directions, thus earning street cred to wear those camel toe tights.

Solid effort by all PAX today.  YHC was in survival mode, trying very hard to perform all exercises with laser-like intensity while not passing out.  Henceforth, YHC missed most of the banter and looks forward to the PAX filling in the blanks below.  And yes, YHC did hear the flatulence.  YHC reckons that 4 trips to Korea, 1 trip to Japan, and 1 trip to Maui since October have rendered my body clock inoperable until sometime in 2023 and wrecked my fitness level.  The only way to recapture physical fitness is to get out of bed, grind, repeat.  “The only way out is through.”

As a general comment, all of today’s PAX are exemplary citizens who pay taxes (mostly) and respect their elders (sometimes).  YHC typically has comments for each PAX, but the size of today’s crowd coupled with YHC’s mental banter block have eliminated individualized comments from this BB.  You are all awesome in your own special way, so don’t change a thing.  On the other hand, “You’re all worthless and weak.  Now, drop and give me 20.”  – vicious mother

Always an honor to lead the finest AO in Area 51.


Announcements:  None suitable for print

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1 year ago

First of all, Korean Kimchi is really, really good.

A flashback to the double rock carry this morning required a comment here- still feeling the effects of that one!

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