4 Thoroughbreds and a Donkey

4 Thoroughbreds and a Donkey

We had a total of 5 runners this morning. Many other times we head out I can keep up for a bit or we break into groups a fast group and a slow group.  From the lets go I just saw the others get further away until they were completely out of sight.  The next time I would see them is when they were headed back.   I am not the fastest runner and it did not help that the other 4 are all some of the fastest runners in Waxhaw.  I think they were pushing each other as well.  It was foggy the trail was sloppy but it was good to get back out again for the first time since the trail got flooded.  Deadwood did warn Dasher that it was slippery then proceeded to demonstrate by falling down.  The swinging bridge is still closed.

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