School’s in for the Q’s

School’s in for the Q’s


Went for a quick little mosey around the parking to get everyone warmed up and the blood flowing, because that is what you do when its 27 degrees outside on beautiful Saturday morning. Regroup in a circle to give all a chance to be the center of attention, well what was left, after Posse’s GREAT rendition of Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Goodfella took off from the group like  Buford T Justice would chasing a 1977 Black Trans-am…”But Daddy….”

Come to the front of school to partner up to knock out 50 dips and 50 step-ups while the other did half a lap

Run to the buses, where everyone gets down on all fours, to do bear crawls and long jumps. Then we proceed to head towards the shed where some one called out BURPEES.  Whom ever that was, Thank you.  So we commence to do burpees between each light pole until the shed.

Everyone grabs a lifting rock.  Some are bigger than others.  Exercises include Chest Press, curls, squats, triceps extensions, with a shuffle to the left for each exercise.

With a little time left, we mosey back to the COT on the sidewalk, but stopping every light pole for 5 Bobby hurleys. Still had a few mintues left. so we did the pushup wave.

Posse took us out with a great quote and then proceeded to Mickey D’s for coffee and the 2nd part of the examination.  I sure hope I passed

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