Posse’s Bad Boys

Posse’s Bad Boys



We started with a quick mosey around the parking lot and circled up for warmup exercise.  Posse started with an example of how not to do any exercises and we discussed the correct way to start a finish exercises.

We went around the circle with each Pax member taking a turn doing an exercise as the Q.

The Thang


Goodfella took off to the front of the Middle School with not really much of a warning to demonstrate on how not to lead the group to our next exercises.

We Partnered up and with 1/2 circle with 50 Dips and 50 Step Ups.

Mosey to the buses for bear crawls and broad jump and alternating with each column.

Mosey to the shed but at every light pole 5 burpees. we grab a lifting rock and circled up. We shuffled left after each exercise Curls, Chest Press, Triceps extensions and Squats ( this didn’t work out for all as some of the Pax grab some larger rocks).

With 12 minutes to go we did 5 Bobby Hurley’s at each light pole as some went back to pick up the Six others circled up for some Ab workout.

Back to the start with a few minutes to go, circled up for a Mencken wave until time was up.



Worked we together to sharpen our skills as we all embark to our new challenge of becoming THE Q MASTER. I’m looking forward supporting each one of you boys on your first Q.



Month of March we will have no one Q more than once at any site.


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