The Wind After the Storm

The Wind After the Storm

With the storms that rolled through the area on Thursday and no school on Friday, I figured it might be a light day at Cerberus.  I’m not sure what is normal, but I was pleasantly surprised with 13 HIMs.  But while the storms rolled through, the wind stayed.  Opening my car door was now a challenge.  As we waited on the rest of the PAX, some collected Yama outdoor sofa cushions that were blowing across the parking lot and Mighty Mite grabbed a sign.  5:29 came, disclaimer given, 5:30 and we’re gone.

Cut through the buildings running up the ramps to the top of the deck, level 4.


IW x 10 IC

Windmill x 10 IC  You have to count pretty slow in order to do 2 on the 4 count, next time

Merkin x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Parker Peter x 10 IC

The Thang:

Paula Abdul down the deck, running 2 segments forward, 1 back.  10 merkins at the end of forward run, 10 jumpsquats at the end of back, ran backwards on the back inclines.  Total 50 merkins and 50 jumpsquats.  Circle back for the six.

Left the deck and mosey to the first traffic circle, partner up for first stop of Dora 1-2-3.  Pax combined for 100 merkins while partner 2 lunge walked outer half of traffic circle.  Alf knocked out 75 merkins in the first round, so lunge walk may have been a little long.  I told Fallout to leave 5 for Alf for next round, but to no avail.

Mosey to second traffic circle.  Partners combine for 200 squats while partner 2 bear crawls outer half of traffic circle.  This one took 2 rounds for everyone.

Mosey down the hill past the retaining pond.  Partners combine for 150 LBCs and 150 dry docks while working at the same time.  Some (Job) thought the 150 of each were for each pax, so some confusion there, but all got done.  But apparently Job still owes 15 dry docks.

Back up the hill into Waverly stopping at first building.

Wall sits with air press x 50

Mosey over to the turf in front of the Ale House.  Different partners.  Partner 1 step ups while Partner 2 ran around the traffic circle with the globe, flap jack.  Round 2 dips, Round 3 derkins.


Flutter x 20

Rosalita x 20

American Hammer x 20


Q School tomorrow at Cuthbertson High School, for site Qs or those that have Q’d 3 times or less.  Posse is also looking for some moving help.

Q Source at Panera Waverly right afterwards, if you are reading this you missed it.

YHC with the take-out prayer


Great group today, always enjoy getting out of my comfort zone exploring new AOs and meeting new PAX.  Shop Dog and Astro with the respects.  Don’t think I’ve worked out with Posse, Shop Dog, and Big Ben so great meeting you guys, strong work.  Fallout, congrats on waking up?  Mighty Mite, Toolbag, Swimmers, Hot Yoga, been a while but great seeing you guys.  Alf and Astro, looking forward to reading the back of your T-shirts at a Fast Twitch soon.  Job, congrats on inheriting good genes.  Point Break has committed to his VQ on 3/4 at Anvil, his 40th birthday.  Some really strong work for a few months in, come join.

I’ve heard Cerberus is a great A51, SOB and Union mix, did not disappoint.  PAX stayed together for the most part, with Job and Alf out front on the Paula Abduls.  But the wind is how this one will be remembered.  Thankfully all of the new trees at Waverly are 10 feet tall, but really tough to run into that wind.  With a few out and backs in the weinke, running to the globe circle was easy but once you hit that crosswind through the buildings it stopped you in your tracks.

We avoided the turf on the patio because Alf said it’s a dog waste area although this has never been confirmed.  I’m hoping people are better than that.  But other than that, great AO.  Hoping by the time I Q here again google maps will have more updated so we can venture out more.  So many possibilities.  Thanks Alf and Swimmers.

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