Bring back my patio

Bring back my patio

4 Prerunners on the hills, 2 on the flats. Shout out to One Niner and General for pushing me to run the hills, and One Niner for slowing his pace to roughly half his regular and running with me. I PR’ed the damned thing and he was barely even breathing hard. That hilly prerun is something else. You’ll get about 250 ft of elevation in the mile down and back Point Carpenter.

Back for the main event YHC popped the tailgate to reveal several stacks of pavers, roughly 10 pounds each. PAX grab a paver each and make sure to treat it nice because you’re spending the next 45 minutes with it. Disclaimer given and we’re off.


A mosey to the basketball court. PAX are thinking, “These pavers aren’t so bad. This will be a piece of cake.” At least that’s what I think they’re thinking. So, on my call we lift them above heads and hope nobody drops them on their skull. We’ll pull this trick for every mosey during the workout. Arrive to the courts and the first 3 exercise are the only time that paver was put down.

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • Moroccan Night Club x 50 IC
  • Front raise with paver x 20 IC

The Thing

Mosey to the front of the baseball field, alternating pavers overhead and held in front. 7’s on the hill with

  • Newton’s Cradle – a Merkin over the paver, then in plank position alternate raising the paver to each side with a straight arm.
  • Burpee with paver – Merkin on paver, jump up with paver overhead.

Mosey to the playground, with a little backward running with a paver overhead, and partner up. Dora with running PAX holding the paver overhead, and exercising PAX using the paver for core work.

  • 100 x V-ups
  • 200 x American Hammers
  • 300 x LBC’s

We had about 5 minutes left so a mosey back to the launch, picking the pavers overhead again.

Finish time with 4 rounds of Jack Webb with the paver.

COT & Announcements

  • Holiday Party signup deadline on the 10th
  • YHC has been voluntold to take over site Q responsibilities
  • Thanks to One Niner for taking us out


This might have been my most fun Q yet. I feel like I say that every time, but this one I prepared for with practice laps and exercises with the pavers around my hood the night before to tweak the beatdown just right. The Newton’s cradle was a tough one and worked well for 7’s because you do max 6 of them. I’m glad to be able to give back to this group with not only this Q, but taking over as site Q as well. Thank you all!

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