New toy for A51 runners

New toy for A51 runners

E ala ‘oe!! e holo ana nā kānaka

3rd F: Besides all the cries out the great Sky Q from the workout being awful today, I want to give T-Claps to Jello for taking out both the Spartans and Peak51 guys this morning.

2nd F: Lots of opportunities coming up for you to be part of Speed For Need.
Please check the official Speed For Need website for race date details.
One locally sponsored by Area 51 and the South Charlotte FiA team on 10/12.
Let Them Soar 5k. 
This is a family friendly run. October 3rd we have a gear workout at

Woody’s house to help load up his moving truck and send him off to TX. Good luck bud!

1st F: The Thang
Really nothing much to say for this morning except 7 pax plus and YHC drug tires around Matthews for roughly about 3 miles.
I saw this crazy idea online about how to simulate the middle of a long distance race feel when you have limited time or short distance.

  • Ingredients:
  • Take a small car tire
  • Drill a hole in the tread wall
  • 10 ft of braided rope: placing one end through the drill hole, loop it back and secure with a rope clamp so it cannot come back out.
  • Other end of rope, make a loop for a belt to fit through.

    Presto change-o.. You have magically converted a thrift store belt, section of rope, and a dead tire into the most painful run training device ever created.

I had not planned on stopping on the 1.5 mile run to the Matthews Sportsplex and back.
I mean, come on.. This is SPARTA!!
We have worked our way up to 5,6,7 miles at this AO now.. Only 1.5 miles should be nothing..
WRONG!!!! I watch every single Spartan have to stop and walk today at least once over a simple 3 miles.. I have never seen that happen. We had to incorporate in some exercises just to take a break from that dang tire that was tied to us.
We got back to the truck, tossed the tires in the back and finished with a ¾ mile cool down run around the library and back to the AO. (it felt like you were 100lbs lighter all the sudden)

Seriously: All you non-runners like me out there. If you want a good way to change up your training plan, DM me on Twitter or Slack. I can give you one of these drags. It was an amazing running work out.

Welcome to site FNG Box Truck. I promise buddy.. Not all Sparta workouts are like today. Come on back next week for Madison’s Q if you want to clock a few more miles than today.

My buddy Arena kinda missed the point of the drag part in the name “tire drag”. I looped back for him and he was running with the tire above his head. 🙂 Hey.. whatever… Modify as needed right.

Solid-ish work by Madison as he is battling back a cold he has had for a week… except he found a creative way to roll his tire beside him as he ran. Really man?? Really? Its a D_R_A_G…

Christmas had the right idea until he was caught. Putting his tire on Funky Colds.

I finally found a way to slow down Funky Cold to a normal person’s pace.. Even still, he was trying to sprint … yes SPRINT with a tire tied to him… over a road hump to: “See if the tire would catch some air” WTH!!! Dude.. you are not human.

Warning to all members of Retread’s BRR team.. He said he now has a new training idea for next year. 😉

Full House??? Did i hear you pre-ran a running AO? What were you thinking brother??

All-in-all, i think the new Area 51 toys were a success. There was much complaining, sore muscle texts, a couple “glad I skipped that one” notes, and 8 pax got better today because of it.


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