Lots of grumbling

Lots of grumbling

Thin Mint asked if I could take his Q since he was recovering from an ankle injury. Of course, I would love to get back over to the Fast Twitch.

The jokes started yesterday when I was asked via social media if I knew where to park. Yes, I missed the last time I had the Q, ironically where we park now is where I came the first time. I must have had foresight.

Once the pax started to arrive everyone seemed to have the same joke about my sweet look. I think there was some mention of the village people. You had to be there to know.

Instructions were given and a proper disclaimer since we had the nantan in the group. The grumbling started right away. I’m not sure what was said. Pretty sure this is a running workout, or it at least use to be, so we ran. I did oblige the rule of putting hands on the ground to appease the masses.

We ran to the bottom of Providence road to the stop light by the entrance of Providence Plantation. Instructions were to run to Shallowwood entrance do five hand release merkins, run down to the bottom where we started do five hand release merkins and then to the top, following Providence road to the raintree entrance doing five hand release merkins. We did this twice.

Some confusion ensued at this point since the instruction was to go catch the six and follow them back. Like most workouts at Fast Twitch some did not listen or refused. We all got to the same point eventually.

Once we regrouped we headed across the street into Providence Heights. Just run to the end of the cul de sac and back. Catch the six. Head up Providence back to the AO to stop and do two more rounds of run to the top and then back down doing five hand release merkins on Raintree Ln. Dodge some cars along the way and have Purell take a segment crown with some goating from Tolken and boom it is all over. Came in at perfect timing, at least eleven of us did. Four decided to desent.

Thanks for the grumbling, it is part of what makes getting up in the morning so much fun. Look forward to more of it this summer.

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