Game of Spades

Game of Spades

Nice long mosey around the perimeter of Anvil campus to get started…


SSH x 15 IC / IW x 15 IC / Merkins x 10 IC hold Mtn Climbers x 10 IC / LS squat x 15 IC


Grassy knoll: bear crawl up& over, plank walk back to start (x 2)

11s on columns: derkins and jump squats

Deck o’ Cards (benches): Hearts – CDDs / Diamonds – diamond incline merkins / Spades – jump up squats / Clubs – HR burpees (Pax draws twice)

Sprints: 50% of max, 75%, AYG

Rocks: 21s curls (x2); run around light pole; ring of fire holding rock above head

5 HR burpees, AYG to light pole…back to launch

Mary: Fred Merc x 15 IC / Diamond merkins x 10 IC / Flutter x 20 IC


Great crew working hard out there.  Nice to have Flutie Flakes out with us again, circa 2016. Few grumbles about hazardous conditions for the mosey around campus, but what fun is F3 without some risk of injury?!

Shoulders were smoked after the grassy knoll, and was quickly regretting the 11s derkins call but it was on the weinke.  Just roll with it.

Pulling out the deck of cards was an oldie but goodie that I remember from a few of my initial posts back in 2014.  Swear I shuffled but first draw was a joker, followed by just about nothing but spades.

Appreciate the push by the pax today, as I was smoked but required to keep up with your strong efforts.

Appreciate the takeout Lorax. Praise for Red Rocks returning home, and continued prayers for healing. 

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MermaidPosted on5:17 pm - May 2, 2019

A lot of reps completed in that workout. Solid beating thrown down by Brushback. Definitely questionable mosey route out of the gate. Glad to hear that Red Rocks is home and improving.

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