The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid

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16 Pax joined YHC for my Virgin Q at no better venue but the final SWIFT of 2018.

The Thing

  • 5:15- With a parking lot filled with 15 PAX in various states of readiness varying from the pre-runners with steam floating off their heads to the shivering cold crew rolling out of bed and into the lot.  The group headed out on a warm up mile across the road and down Rushmore into the Bull Ring
  • 5:25- Light stretching ensued under the usual program minus the skipping variations due to time saving needs as well as YHC’s inability to B skip or is that A skip; either way the skip with a kick feels awkward at best so it was removed from the warmup.
  • 5:30- The excitement that had been built from 5:15 up to this point quickly faded in the eyes of every PAX as they learned what the next 45 minutes had in store. 5K target pace distance intervals came as no surprise to the group but the duration came as a bit of a shock. 800M/1200M/1600M/1200M/800M/400M Pyramid with 200M floats between intervals and if time allowed some 100M sprints to work on leg turnover speed.
  • All steps of the Pyramid were climbed and the group had time to complete 2 100(FT)M sprints, the distance is under official review by Bratwurst, and one 400M back the other way towards the Vine happened under Thin Mints direction for extra credit. Or maybe to make up for the time he lost leaving the group mid-run, but I digress.


  • A great effort was put in by the entire group despite the look on everyone’s face when they heard the duration of the intervals. Everyone seemed to lock into a target time and tried to maintain that speed during each of the various intervals
  • Thin Mint blew past Bratwurst and YHC like we were standing still in an effort to find a place to drop the kids off. Luckily no storm drains were impacted on my Q.
  • YHC learned that its easier to just follow the internal roads around the ring that divide the space up into sections vs programing everything into Garmin ahead of time and having it go off consistently at different locations then everyone else is starting and stopping the intervals.
  • Gumbo must have decided running the opposite direction around the ring would make the intervals shorter.
  • Bushwood felt inspired this morning to branch out past Rea rd and made it to his Virgin Swift
  • Thanks for the Q Udder/Citgo, YHC will look forward to more opportunities in 2019.


  • No Swift next week or the following, next date is 1/8/2019

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