Welcome, Pink Unicorn 🦄

Welcome, Pink Unicorn 🦄

8 PAX at The Brave did a quick U-turn and started with a nice Brave Mile(ish) sprint to start their Friday.



  • Quick mosey down the parking lot, u-turn back to launch
  • COP (IC) – IW x15, Windmill x15, LSS x10
  • Instructions given to AYG The Brave Mile
    • Get on N. Community House and head South towards Morrison Y. At the big traffic circle cross the street and hold for the 6
    • Plank-o-rama
  • Continue South to the next traffic circle and turn left into Ballantyne District Park
    • Stop at the triangular parking lot which turned out to be an Obtuse Isosceles Triangle
      • 40 merkins at the first vertex
      • 40 squats at the next vertex
      • 100 American Hammer at the last vertex
    • Continue mosey to parking lot by pool for burpee snake
      • 2 burpees, run length, turn corner
      • 4 burpees, run length, turn corner
      • Repeat to the end (10 burpees)
    • Alternate lunge walk / bear crawl down width of lot back to road through BDP
    • Run towards Morrison Y Main entrance stop at every light for 5 CDDs (about 40 total)
  • Mosey back to corner of Bryant Farms and N. Community House
  • Brave Mile in reverse but at every light post (lit or not) do 5 HR Merkines
    • Ended up being many more merkins than anticipated (at least 75)
  • Mosey across BCP and down the the big deck, sneak in on level 3 and take stairs to the basement
    • 10 Bobby Hurleys, sprint stairs all the way up to the 8th floor
    • Run a lap on the roof
    • People’s chair facing down ramps
    • Run down ramps to level 3 where we entered
      • Bottom of every decline = 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • 3 minutes left, AYG back to launch
  • 5 burpees OYO
  • Done



Madame Tussauds donned his new temporary name (Pink Unicorn) and new attire (pink, rainbow unicorn design shirt bearing the words “I Suck at Fantasy Football”). As a reward for his stunningly terrible 3-12 performance in FF this year, he will wear this shirt at his next 4 posts, including his Q on Thursday at The Arsenal. His counting during COP in whatever voice that is he uses during COP was made all the better with the addition of this shirt. Definitely worth posting with MT PU before he burns the thing.

Uncle Rico let us know that he will be moving back to Knoxville, TN over the next few weeks. Sad for us to see him go, but exciting times for him and his family ahead. More importantly, Brown Bag isn’t going anywhere. Seriously though, the way Uncle Rico has built Brown Bag up to where it is in CLT in under a year, along with the way he has immersed himself in F3 as well as the community, is nothing short of impressive and he will definitely be missed. F3 Knoxville doesn’t know how lucky it is.

Paper Jam did some very runner-like, borderline erotic, stretching both before we launched as well as while refusing to participate in COP with us. His running transformation is most definitely almost complete. He may, or may not, have uttered the words #FakeBrave at some point but that was just a moment of temporary insanity I am sure.

Woodson brought the beacon of hope hat to The Brave. Not sure if he washed it after Swift and I did my best stay as far in front of him as possible to avoid finding out. This was harder than it sounds, especially on the return Brave mile. Not sure how a guy who ran 2,500 miles this year can still do that many push-ups that quickly, but Woodson is fast and strong. Pretty sure that’s a recipe for trying an OCR race someday buddy.

Speaking of OCR, great seeing Buckeye back in the gloom after rehabbing the knees for some time. Pretty sure the knees, as well as Buckeye (and MT Pink Unicorn) didn’t appreciate the stair sprint at the end of the workout, but Buckeye crushed it anyway. Word has it his home re-construction is almost complete after the tree that took it out a couple months ago and he may finally get to move out of the hotel. Let us know what we can do to help when the time comes.

Wild Turkey grumbled a little at the initial call for The Brave Mile. Understandable. Bodies are cold, the mile is mostly uphill, and it’s a pretty damn cruel way to start a workout. Exactly why we did it and will probably continue to do so. Thanks to Tolkien and his evil mind for conceiving the darn thing. Turkey’s grumble was followed by an all-out effort up the long hill, so I assume he was just either psyching himself up or trying to psych us out. On another note, this was my 3rd Q this week and I am absolutely exhausted. Gives me an even greater appreciation for Wild Turkey as 2-3 Qs in a week is fairly standard for that guy.

One Niner was the only Brave Site Q present this morning with Tuck and Mario off on an island somewhere running some flat race. One Niner definitely seems to back post-injury as he is consistently in the Top 3 guys now at most boot camps. Also gets an A+ on the Site Q card for some solid pre-workout Tweet advertising as well as for coining the name #Broatmeal — now the official name of 2F at Panera following The Brave (0630 at Panera in Btyne). He also saved my ass by letting me use Find my iPhone on his phone to locate mine in the middle of Ballantyne Corporate Place, where it fell off when I drove away with it on the hood of my car.

Just another day at The Brave. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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JRR TolkienPosted on4:36 am - Dec 8, 2018

The Brave Mile rocks… hearing Rico is leaving does not!

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