4 Months Out

4 Months Out

Pulled in to an empty lot. Haze followed shortly after. The other 10 found us and the rain started coming down. The call was to get moving to Tartarus, the parking deck. Off we went. Crazy Ivan to come back around to pick up Rock Thrill.


Mosey through campus and into Tartarus. Up ramps to mid level 3. Circle up under the last bit of cover.


IW x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Mosey over to Stairwell 1. Descend to ground level and back to launch lot. Plank to receive set recommendations. Rain had let up some.

Merkin Half Mile

Start in plank. AYG half mile. Right on Little. Right on McMahon. Right on 51. Right into campus. Right into deck. Several rights up deck to mid level 3. 10 Merkin at each right turn and every other right turn in the deck. 80 merkins total.

Mary to wait for six

Mosey over to Stairwell 3 descend to ground.

Triple Triples

Start at ground level Stairwell 3. Ascend to level 4. 11 reps called exercise. Descend back to ground. 9 reps called exercise. 3 reps at each of the 3 stairwells. 9 trips up and 9 down.

Stairwell 3: Donkey Kicks at 4. Carolina Dry Dock at ground.

Stairwell 2: Merkin at 4. Heels to Heaven at ground.

Stairwell 1: LBC at 4. Burpees at ground.

Plank work between each to regroup.

Mosey to Tartarus entrance. AYG up short ramps.

Down to ground level. Flutter x 30 IC. Mosey back to launch lot.



Today my brother Eric would have turned 41. He took his own life almost 7 years ago after a decade long battle with opioids, mostly. He died on March 9, 2012. I dedicated my work today to him. I think of him every day and more on days like today. Miss him terribly and wish things could have been different. He lost hope.

Rock Thrill posted today. He, too, lost his brother. Joe Davis died of an accidental overdose after a long period of sobriety. The Davis Family has put on the Joe Davis Recovery Run for 6 years. The 7th Annual is March 9, 2019. Coincidentally, the date of my brother’s death. This race has raised over $200,000 to benefit the Keystone Substance Abuse Center in Rock Hill, SC. These funds provide HOPE for those who have lost it, or are close to losing it. Support of this race has a direct impact on our community. My challenge to our PAX today was to support this race and to tell at least one other person about it today. We are 4 months out. Please consider supporting. 52 registered already. Join us March 9 or support by sleeping in for the cause or sponsoring (several ways to do this). Big T-claps to Rock Thrill and the Davis family for pouring themselves into the race and the good they facilitate in the community. Personally, this race has given my family a way to help and to remember my brother Eric. Sincere thanks for that. The race was done the first Saturday in January for the first 6 years. It was bitter cold most of those years. Hopeful for better race day weather.


Strong work from the fellas this morning. Always an honor to lead the men of F3. Thankful for the fellowship men.


Speed for Need. Next 2 races are in South Charlotte. Check out the race calendar HERE. Contact Scabby for more info at rick@speedforneed.org.

Vagabond CSAUP. A51/SOB combo event starting at Hickory Tavern on Providence. 6 mini workout stops on the 13 mile loop. Preblast HERE

Prayers for Chelms and Abacus mother, Margaret. She undergoes surgery for a broken kneecap today.

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on3:43 pm - Nov 9, 2018

I thought the Crazy Ivan was to grab a coupon from the stash – that would have made PH extremely upset – even more so than plank jacks.

Thankful we did Centurion half mile instead of the full monty. Running was hard this morning for some reason.

HopsPosted on5:26 pm - Nov 9, 2018

Just prayed for your and your family, Mermaid. You said, “He lost hope.” The opposite of joy is not sadness, rather, it’s hopelessness. I have a brother named Eric who also lacks hope, though not struggling with addiction, thankfully.
Prayed for you and your family as well, RT. I will be there on the March 9th.

One of the most important questions a person has to answer is: “Where do I place my hope?”

Purple HazePosted on8:02 pm - Nov 9, 2018

Mermaid, thank you for sharing as you did. Hopefully we surrounded you with brotherhood today.

MermaidPosted on8:08 pm - Nov 9, 2018

Thanks men. Starting a day like today with F3 sets the tone right to get through the day. The brotherhood is priceless and most needed. Always wish men like Eric and Joe had the opportunity to have experienced F3.

Haze, I was a man of my word today. My first thoughts today involved 6 cinder blocks and 4 ruck plates.

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