Does this log make me look heavy?

Does this log make me look heavy?

14 pax (13 old dudes and 1 2.0) showed up at the sprawling Calvary campus for what is dubbed as “heavy day”.  I think heavy day just means there should be more lifting and coupons involved than the other days at Rock Zero…..hence, that’s what YHC planned.  It was also Tree Day at Calvary when the non profit Tree Charlotte sells discounted trees to Charlotteans to encourage green living and sustainability.  Great cause!  However, this caused two points of confusion for the pax: 1) it originally looked like the earth moving equipment and pallets Tree Charlotte brought were part of our workout….while that would be challenging and HEAVY, YHC is not that good of a coordinator or planner! 2) TC was using a good part of the lot we would normally use for COP and COT so we needed to dodge that area to accommodate….no biggie!  So off we went:


Jog to entrance #4 (near the big rock) of Calvary for:

  • IW
  • SSH
  • PP
  • PP reversed
  • Superman (lots of grumbling about this exercise, but it made a few Chatty Kathy’s quiet down, so point served)

Jog to entrance #1 but stop at each speed bump for 10 monkey humpers.  I rudely planted myself right in front of Geraldo at one speed bump.  Sorry for the view, bro!  Boondog led most of the way……he came to play!

The Thang:

We entered the front lot of Calvary.  We stayed there for a little while to endure the following:

  • Partner carries: Alternate who carries who at each island and also stop at each island for 10 squats per dude.
  • Plank a little
  • 45 lb plate hot potato: the pax circled up sitting down and shoulder to shoulder with backs to each other to pass around two 45 lb plates.  Fletch ran with a big a$$ log on his shoulders from one end of the front lot to the other as our timer: Kudos to you, bro!
  • AYG back to the start of the front lot.
  • Wheelbarrows alternating partners between each island.
  • Plank a little.
  • 45 lb hot potato with Purell running with the log as timer.  Kudos to you as well, Purell! (note to self……bald, bearded men always seem to be the fastest!)

Mosey to the soccer fields for a modified Beast.  It was modified because we only did 4 exercises instead of 6, but mainly because we split off in groups of three and someone in the threesome had to always be carrying a sandbag.  I understand from Flipper the bags weighed either 65, 85 or 100 lbs……ouch!  Exercises for the beast were:

  • CDD’s
  • Sister Mary Catherine
  • Flutter
  • HR Merkins

Resting recovery with some LBCs

Mosey to the baseball fields for a lifting rock selection.  Choose a different partner.  Partner #1 runs to chosen light pole while Partner #2 lifts rock for stated exercise, including:

  • Curls (McGee noted there is no point in doing curls anymore if you are married, so Boondog is the only one who benefitted from this given McGee’s theory).
  • OH Press
  • Squats
  • Tricep extensions

Mosey back toward entrance #4.  We did a few Mary exercises at which time McGee stated he and Sprockets has a score to settle on who is  faster.  We ran best out of three 50 yard (maybe?) dashes.  McGee did get two out of three, but neither of them counted on Purell who smoked both of them every time.  Again….bald guy with beard!

Bonus over/unders with your partner.  Lots of grumbling about this one, but come on guys!…..this is the stuff F3 did all the time back in the original days!  Get wet, get dirty!

Three more AYGs for 50 yards.

That’s a wrap!


We covered just shy of 3 miles!  I know that’s just shy of the RZ expectation, but I figured designated Heavy Day gave me a chance to back off mileage just a little.  The feeling in my shoulders and back this morning tell me we had a decent workout anyway….granted, that ain’t saying much!

As always, it was spectacular group of pax today!  Gummy cracked a lot of jokes, Runstopper provided encouragement, the bald and bearded guys were fast, McGee insulted people several times, BLC was a stud, Horsehead chose the exercises where he really wanted to participate… all just felt RIGHT!  If I didn’t mention you by name, it’s not because I don’t appreciate ya!  Really, phenomenal group of guys…..on and off the AO!

Side note, this week marked my 5 year anniversary with F3!  My second workout was at The Rock when Hops led about 30 guys that morning (Gummy led my first one at Ascent).  Great stuff!  I can’t thank y’all enough for what F3 has provided me in the way of fitness, personal satisfaction and accomplishments.  That said, the biggest gain has been the friendships which I am certain are lifetime in scope!  Cheers!

Thanks for asking me to lead Flipper, as well as offering the take-out prayer!


  • Vagabond is next Sat.  Launch is from Hickory Tavern.  RZ will be open as usual and will stay open a little late to welcome the Vagabond group.
  • Dec 1 is Christmas Party!  Seaboard is venue.

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HorseheadPosted on6:51 pm - Nov 4, 2018

Good times Hopper. Congrats on the 5 year.

BTW, Boondog is actually Boondock. Maybe you can’t understand our Yankee accents.

HopperPosted on12:28 am - Nov 5, 2018

My apologies Boondock! I’m old! I’m glad you were with us!

GummyPosted on1:36 pm - Nov 5, 2018

Congrats on the 5 years, Hopper. I remember when you were a young pup back in the innocent days of Ascent. That was before we joined forces as site Qs at The Rock and took down Day Zero. Ah, memories: three mud run teams, a few BRRs, all those text messages where Lazy Boy was looking for one of us to drive him to a workout.

For those unfamiliar with the origin of Hopper’s name, I had known him for a couple of years before we both got into F3, and the dude had changed bank jobs at least 3 times in that couple of years – he’s a job hopper. It’s only gotten worse (better?) since then as banks keep buying his banks, presumably to get him.

In workout-related news, despite the impressive weight loss, Hoover is still heavy.

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