5K Mosey – Remote Koman

5K Mosey – Remote Koman

So I put out on the social media wire that we would be remotely participating in the Koman Race for a Cure series by starting with a 5K mosey….Arrived at site and found a good crew of 10 total (recent FNG DoubleStuff is not in the system yet).
I announced mosey 5K and got a few looks….. We ran a few laps around millbridge circuit and all ended up with close to the 3.1M mark – some ran further – some took a visit to Transporters office. Hats off to Popeye for encouraging his 2.0’s to give it their best effort.

Gather in circle
SSH, Merkin, cherry/potato/dugan/pickers

Knowing that our F3 Brothers would be doing their fair share of pushing the cycles…
Gather on street by 1st parking lot. Partner up with similar partner weight.
-Alternating Partner Push up the hill all the way to Kennsington Drive –
-Alternating Partner Pulls down the hill to entrance to school

Mosey to parking lot at School for Sun Dial
-Gather in cirlce: first person into the center performs a set: 1 broad jump, 5 merkins and 20 SSH
Rotate clockwise so everyone has turn in the center
-Perform second series with: broad jump/5 speed skaters/ 10 Squats
-Perform third and final series with: broad jump/3 merkins/5 mountain climbers

Mosey back to the parking lot

Some surprised looks on the Pax when I said 5K mosey to star the workout….but all rallied and finish the 3.1 trek.
Mostly a mix of Clydesdales, workhorses and a few young gun speed skaters. All in all a solid effort by everyone. We all know someone that has been affected by cancer/especially breast cancer. My mother and sister are both breast cancer survivors – I know we have a few Pax that have lost their mothers to this disease. Pray for those that are struggling with the disease and for those that have passed away. Big round of respect for our F3 Nation that was in Uptown supporting the cause.

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