Don’t Overthink It

Don’t Overthink It

The Matrix Q schedule is planned 12 months in advance, and if you’ve ever posted there, you are on the list.  I was reminded at 9:30 PM (thanks Gypsy) that I was on the list for today.  The news would normally have sent YHC into a panic, but a few cold brews at a neighbor’s cook out kept me from totally freaking out.  It was too late to get too creative, so I decided to go with a meat & potatoes boot camp that consisted of lifting heavy things & running, & then lifting some more.  I thought I had a good plan…  Then the PAX showed up.  The dudes that post at The Matrix are beasts.  When I looked around the circle of HIMs waiting for me to give the disclaimer, I instantly had second thoughts about (what I perceived as) the lack of planning.  I was just hoping to make a few of them break a sweat.

The Main Event

Disclaimer.  Mosey from the cars, down & around the lower lot, back to the cars and out into the wet grass a/k/a the soccer field for COP.

SSH x 25 IC / IW x 20 IC / Hillbillies x 20 IC / Low Slow Squats x 20 IC / Partner up

Mosey to rock pile & grab a lifting rock.  Mosey across wet grass a/k/a soccer field back to lower lot.  The mosey call with a lifting rock was obviously a crowd pleaser because several broke their silence and expressed their (lack of) appreciation.  Halt at the parking island for partner work.

P1 performs called exercise while P2 runs a lap.  Relieve partner 1.  Repeat

  • exercise 1 = lift rock above your head and walk a lap (some sort of demented CMIFC)
  • exercise 2 = overhead press
  • exercise 3 = goblet squat
  • exercise 4 = curls
  • exercise 5 = flutter press
  • exercise 6 = tricep extenstions
  • exercise 7 = walking lap holding the rock above your head

Drop the rocks & line up (with your partner) on the middle parking line facing the curb.  P1 performs called exercise to curb & back while P2 planks.  Flap jack

  • exercise 1 – lunge walk with overhead reach / regular plank
  • exercise 2 – side lunge / R arm high – switch to L arm when partner starts his return
  • exercise 3 – lunge walk with torso rotation / regular plank – switch to 6″ when partner reaches the curb
  • exercise 4 – bear crawl / reverse plank (think table top)

Return rocks to pile & mosey back to cars for 8 MOM

LBC x 20 IC / Dolly x 20 IC / Rosalita x 20 IC / American Hammer x 20 IC / WW II sit ups x 10 OYO



The PAX began showing up early and kept rolling in even after we started our mosey.  The guys are definite beasts, and many are training for the BRR or some other crazy event, so I was honored to lead them this AM.  Lots of chatter in the morning soup known as July humidity.  The constant sound of whatever nonsense comes from the likes of Alf, McGee, Prohibition, Lex Luther, Gypsy, etc. is considered some weird form of motivation.  Keep up the smack talk — it builds camaraderie.  The form on many went from bad to worse as the workout wore on.  Guys need to pay more attention to the likes of Rachel and Squid.  #strengthenyourcore  The laps around the parking lot generated some friendly competition in the form of sprints.  Christmas, Tulip, Drive By, Laronda & Tebow showed that they have a 2nd gear on the back stretch #sandbagging.  Some, like O’Tannenbaum, Ocho Cinco, Grape Juice, Smedium, Cage,  didn’t fall victim to the hype and kept digging & giving 100% the entire way.  Despite the heat & humidity, no one mailed it in today.  The guys came expecting to work, and by the looks of the PAX wringing out their shirts at the end, they got what they came for.

It is always an honor to lead, to be recognized by, and to be considered a friend by the gang at The Matrix.




American 4 Miler is Wed.  Bring shovel flags

Check social media for various convergences


TCLAPS to Squid for the solid take out

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