A Good Old Fashioned Mystery at The Maul

A Good Old Fashioned Mystery at The Maul


  • Mosey to Target lot for COP (windmill, LSS, IW, Low Slow Merkin, Mountain Climbers, Low Slow Merkin)
  • Mosey to Saint Matt’s lot and partner up
    • P1 goes left, P2 goes right
    • 5 merkins at every bump until you meet your partner
    • 10 handslap merkins
    • Run back the way you came, no merkins
  • Flapjack directions and repeat
  • Repeat again with jump squats instead of merkins at the bumps
  • Flapjack directions and repeat
  • Mosey to Cantina 1511
    • P1 on the wall 10 dips/10 derkins/10 step ups, keep repeating until partner returns
    • P2 run to fountain behind Pearlz, 10 burpees, run back
    • Flapjack
    • Continue until each partner has done the burpees twice
  • Mosey home
  • Toolbag led COT, name-o-rama, etc.



Big turnout at The Maul — not something uncommon here at one of SOB’s staple weekly workouts. Found out the night before about an early morning work meeting and had to head straight to the car before COT. Cobains to all who were there for not sticking around and big thank you to Toolbag (Site Q) for finishing out the morning for me.

Doc and Mic Check (unsurprisingly) out front on the partner work. They had some trouble listening to directions, but this is also unsurprising. And, I guess I should say that Doc was out front on the partner work dragging along Mic Check (who has apparently come out of hibernation for this unseasonably warm weather). Wingman has been doing some kind of secret training and has become impressively fast — look out for this guy at P200. Honestly, everyone killed it today and we were able to cover 3+ miles of pretty heavy work in the 45 minutes we had together.

Turns out we had a new(ish?) guy today. Unfortunately, YHC’s mind wasn’t working too well this morning; did the disclaimer but did not ask if new guys were present and so didn’t even realize we had an FNG 2NG? until hearing Toolbag’s recording after. Some ambiguity here I am still trying to get to the bottom of. Good chance it was Olde English, Pleats or Zekeface (all of whom first posted that Monday). Just spoke with Tagalong and he was useless in providing intel. Comments welcome below clearing up this mystery.

Either way, lesson one learned is always, always ask if there are new guys present. Wouldn’t have changed the workout, but definitely would have made a better effort to introduce myself and Tweet a welcome afterwards to my thousands hundreds tens of followers. My apologies, new(ish) guy — look forward to seeing you out again soon and meeting you properly.

Second lesson learned: try not to have to leave early, especially if you are the Q. The 5 rules of F3 exist for a reason, including the last one that it must end with a Circle of Trust. YHC made sure to ask the Site Qs to lead COT, but not actually being there definitely takes something away from it. Feels more like just another workout without those few minutes at the end to come together, recognize each other, and take a moment to pray together. Bonus points for anyone who can list the other 4 of the 5 rules in the comments.

Had a blast leading these men at The Maul and hope everyone got what they came for. Thanks to Toolbag and No Show for the invite to lead.



  • None on Toolbag’s recording and BROlympics is over now (thanks to all who came and those who helped!)
  • RunJenRun 5K is this weekend at Symphony Park. F3 and Speed For Need will be there. Still time to sign up or to come out and cheer. Talk to Frasier for details.
  • For anyone interested in OCR, a group of guys will be running Savage Race again this year. This is a great first obstacle race for those who are curious and is extremely well run (and less expensive than Spartan) for anyone looking to test themeselves. You can get 20% through tomorrow (3/1) using code LIBERTY4ALL

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