Presidents Day is a Holiday?

Presidents Day is a Holiday?

9 men (1 FNG – Zekeface) shrugged off the 50% chance of rain forecast and started their week with a little bit of downpainment.


Adequate disclaimer for a FNG, putting all liability on site Q Pop Tart.

Lap around the parking lot, SSH x 15 IC, IW x 15 IC, LSS x 15, Peter Parker Merkins x 10, plank variations.

The Thang:

As soon as YHC headed towards the grass and off the pavement, subtle groans were let out upon which I told the PAX if they were posting today they should have expected to get a little wet. Mutiny was averted and the loyal PAX followed to the rock pile.

Select a dry muddy rock that you wanted to get to know well and mosey back to the dry pavement for some burners:

10 OH press

10 tricep extensions

10 curls

10 squats

10 lunges each leg

Repeat for descending reps of 9, 8, 7, 6.

Rockies introduced – Rockies are burpees with a rock, and instead of jumping with hands overhead at the end do an overhead press. I borrowed from Rachel’s Q a few weeks back who took a page out of a Thin Min Q @ Anvil.

Suicides with 5 rockies at each of the 3 stations. Once finished, resume burners starting with reps 5,4,3,2,1.

Complete another set of rockies back to starting point. Gladly return rocks.

Mosey to playground with 1000 tires and a random boat and partner up. Partner 1 does 10 traveling merkins on the tires, 10 toe taps each foot on the tires, 10 traveling merkins the other direction, and 10 toe taps the other direction. Partner 2 moseys to front playground and does 10 pull ups, 15 donkey kicks, 15 dry docks, and holds people’s chair until partner taps them out. Flapjack and repeat 3x through.

Burpees for last 35 seconds, I think McGee got 43 in before the bell.


It was a great crew again at the Matrix this morning. 8 seasoned veterans and 1 FNG ready to put some work in to start off the week on a good note, despite wet conditions, Presidents Day (it’s still a thing? Pretty sure school was in session), and YHC being the Q. Impressive.

McGee, Orange Whip, and Rachel leading the charge as usual, making every exercise look too easy. Pre-run for you all next time. Great to see Arena back out again and hasn’t lost a step. Huggie Bear putting solid work in time after time. McGee was quick to note that Lex Luthor’s form was picturesque, and we all took a minute to stop and admire his squat and lunge form – great stuff. As we were warming up it looked like a crew member from Deadliest Catch was going for a jog but no, it was O’Tannenbaum making his way to meet up in his bright yellow rain slick. Since it didn’t rain at all I’m pretty sure it just ended up being a wrestling sauna suit, but that didn’t faze OT as he breezed through the workout.

Shane Freeman was the FNG today. Cowboys fan (Ezekiel Elliot), Duke fan (Ratface Coach K), and somehow not a Yankees fan… so Zekeface it is. Much respect for coming out on a coldish, wet, Monday, and even more so for crushing the workout. Hope to see you out again soon!

Thanks to Orange Whip for the takeout and for Pop Tart and Squid for giving me the opportunity to lead these men!


Prayers and thoughts for Benny

Prayers for Bout Time’s family and son Jennings:

BrOlympics this Saturday, 2/24:






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