A little soul for my birthday

A little soul for my birthday

18 (?  I thought it was 17 but I had 18 names?….dementia) PAX showed for an emotional birthday tribute to YHC…..the gifts, the speeches…..touching.  All my dear brothers posted – – those that did not are now dead to me.


The Thang:

A weak disclaimer given, we did the slow mosey around the front of the building and circled up in one of the crystal smooth parking lots of OP Elementary.

IW x 20 IC

Wide Arm Merkins x 10 IC

Low slow squats x 10 IC


That’s it – – we took a short trot to the basketball court for instructions.

Here’s the real Party:

16’s – sort of – technically we’ll do a Modified Soul Crusher:

16 Burpees

Run to gate opening

1 Merkin

Run to bars:  5 pullups

Run to far gate opening:  5 jump squats

Sprint (?) back to the start.

Then continuous repeat counting down from 16 burpees to 1, and up from 1 Merkin to 16, with the pullups and jump squats being the same.


This we did for a while.


A little Mary as the quitters started to gather on the basketball court.

Mosey back to the launch point…….Done.



Well, that was easy.

This is known as the Modified Soul Crusher – the real Soul Crusher working up to and down from 20….takes about an hour and at about 25 minutes you are wondering what in the world you have begun…..ensuing despair…..Soul Crusher.

But it is a fine workout, don’t you think?  Full body.

Good work out there – – a few pity postings, which I appreciate.  Hate to show up to an empty parking lot (done that).

No announcements.

Still praying for ‘Bout Time, his son Jennings, and family.  God WILL heal, strengthen, comfort.

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MermaidPosted on3:20 pm - Feb 8, 2018

Sorry to miss this one Iron Horse. That modified Soul Crusher looks sounds like loads of fun. HBD

GummyPosted on10:08 pm - Feb 8, 2018

Lots of inspriation out there this morning.
– Iron Horse still crushing a workout (although I noted that he did give the instructions very early in the workout so he wouldn’t forget them).
– Nickname hall of fame member Egypt (last name Bohmfalk). Genius.
– Purple Haze could compete with McGee on burpee speed. Runstopper is disaqualified because he wasn’t doing the pushup part.
– Floor Slapper was on time.
– Harley found his visor.
– Jet Fuel got credit for a workout he didn’t attend. (That’s your extra name, old man)
– Semi Gloss was able to run with his hands in his sweatshirt pockets.

JetFuelPosted on2:05 am - Feb 9, 2018

YHC was not there in body, but definitely in spirit. Iron Horse’s ears must have been burning this morning when Bounce asked me at Orange Theory, “Who is Q’ing Hydra today?” I had a feeling that IH’s b-day Q would bring out the veterans, as confirmed by the illustrious PAX list. Hate I missed it, but the PAX will be glad to know that Bounce and YHC accumulated many Splat points at OT this morning to compensate, whatever the hell those are. Once ye ol’ calfoidal perturbance clears up, rest assured YHC will return to the gloom. Aye….

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