Solid group of men met at SCMS this morning for another Fast Twitch. They were properly disclaimed and off we went into the darkness.

The Thang and Moleskine

Big surprise, we took off into Raintree via Woodfox. Swiper was feeling the chill so he got out front in his typical way…not because he’s fast, but because he likes to Q-jack…YHC reined him in. We took our left onto Rounding Run, innocently passing by Rising Meadow, and worked our way up the hill to Raintree Lane. We cut across there and circled up at Windbluff stop sign for some whisper cadence warmup…IWs x 15 IC and MCs x 20 IC. Next up, an AYG the length of Windbluff out to Providence Road. There, we gathered, exchanged pleasantries and then moseyed down Providence to Shallowood for the Main Event.

The Shallowood half-pipe is the real deal. And we got after it with a solid triple nickel…5 jump squats at the bottom…5 merkins at the top…5 times through. In a triple nickel like that, you see and hear a lot of things…

  • Swiper explaining the meaning of merkin
  • Benny talking about running 100 miles per week
  • Rock Thrill landing planes with his 1000 lumen KC lite headlamp
  • Astro with no words…just putting in work in the puff ball beanie
  • Mr. Brady complained about the cold and the hills…still crushed it
  • Margo planning next year’s light display
  • Runstopper wondering aloud why he didn’t wear his signature tights
  • Pop Tart talking trash to the Pax about his Q next week
  • Alf complaining that he could have saved himself time and miles by parking at the fire station
  • Turkey Leg bashing what Fast Twitch has become
  • Rachel lamenting about the mess Turkey Leg left him

After the Triple Nickel was complete, while discussing best hiring practices, we fast moseyed back down Windbluff to the speed hump at the bottom Windbluff hill. From there, it was an AYG to the stop sign. Apparently this is Strava segment and Pop Tart gave his all to capture the title. He was last seen lying beneath the stop sign, rocking back and forth in the fetal position.

We kept moving, with another fast mosey to the stop sign at Rising Meadow. On Rising Meadow, we completed a three lamp post suicide run. It was not fun. At the third light, there was American sized pickup truck on the street, with an extension cord running from it to the front porch socket. Since when do we do that with pickup trucks? We truly do need to Make America Great Again.

After the suicide, we moseyed back to base. We had a nice COT and Swiper gave a solid take out.

Always a pleasure to lead men. Thanks to all of you for the opportunity to do so. And for the brotherhood and accountability you bring to me.


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BennyPosted on1:52 am - Feb 7, 2018

I’m pretty sure I didn’t talk about running 100 miles in a week. I may be crazy for my first marathon choice but won’t do something like that. Great Q Haze 6 miles of plain work and pain best kind.

MargoPosted on3:21 am - Feb 7, 2018

That one kicked my arse. Well done PH. Comment of the day was during the disclaimer when Benny was ragging on Haze about not being a professional. A nice comeback jab by Haze “at least I’ve never fallen down during a workout” Classic!

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