No beer=small crowd :(

No beer=small crowd :(

9 of SOBs finest resisted the temptation to go drink beer with Mr Bean before breakfast. Happy Birthday Mr Bean!. I had expectations of a small crowd this morning since there was a B-Day bash for Mr Bean at Stonehenge, and he did quite an effort last night to lure people to post at stonehenge offering cold beer, cigars and dry meats (not sure what he meant with the latter).

It went like this:
Mosey and crossed Rea Road to the water fountain, then run all the way down the parking lot behind the fountain to Kids are Kids Academy and there did COP:
30 Squats
30 LBCs
10 Merkins

the thing:
From Kids are Kids to the other end of the parking lot just before the water fountain is a distance of about 1600 feet.
First round:
Partnered up and run towards the fountain, stopping between buildings (9 stops) and do partner merkins at each stop with both partners doing 10 Merkins with feet on partner’s back then switch repeat and move to next stop. Half way through YHC realised that was being too ambitious and decided to cut back to just 5 merkins at each stop.

Second round:
Gather Pax.
Run back to other end of parking lot, same distance same stops this time doing Squats.

Third round:
Gather Pax
Again same distance same stops this time doing 10 LBCs at each stop.

Fourth Round:
Gather Pax
Repeat this time doing forward lunges 5 each leg.
Gather Pax and do recovery jog back stopping on parking area just before the water fountain.

At this point decided to try something new, not sure if has been done before, everybody knows Jack Webb’s, Jack Wabs, etc. So decided to try something that could be named Plank Webb’s? unless someone knows a name for this, it went like this:
Pax gather in small circle holding the plank for the entire exercise. Start with plank position, do 1 merkin and 4 shoulder taps, then 2 merkins and 8 shoulder taps, then 3 merkins and 12 shoulder taps……..all the way up to 10 merkins and 40 shoulder taps.
Everyone loved it, definitely a new pax favorite.

Mosey to water fountain, OYO:
5 Derkins
10 step ups
20 Triceps dips
run to the closer end of parking lot, approximately 350 feet
5 Burpees and run back to fountain.

Looked at watch, still had more time to kill so decided to do the long parking lot run, again stopping at the space between each building, this time doing 5 diamond merkins at each stop.
Gather Pax at the end, then recovery jog back to the water fountain.
Did 40 triceps dips.
Mosey to start point for some Mary (Bicycle, flutter, dolly, rosalita, LBCs)
And done.

Thank you Bucky and Fredo for the opportunity to lead the PAX today, it was good to be back in the gloom after being sick for a while. Solid effort by everybody.

Brolympics 2.Bro coming February.

2018 BROlympics 2.bro


Private Benjamin mentioned something about a race on February, can’t remember what it was.
Thank you Transporter for taking us out.
We did a sad beerless coffeteria afterwards.

Have a great weekend brothers,


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BuckyPosted on6:35 pm - Jan 27, 2018

Great one all around Doc- I’d say I’ll feel that one tomorrow but am already feeling it today!

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