Just working hard

Just working hard

Seven men gathered at the Chick Fil A parking lot for DaVinci.  Two people sat in their cars like pole position at the start of the drive thru waiting for the green light so they could get fed.  A solid disclaimer was given and off we went with the promise of low miles.  Paper Jam thought I was lying.

The warm was quick and to the point.  IW x 15 at the park in Blakeney.

Mosey over to the playground and partner up in a group of three and four.  First set was 200 merkins, 200 knee tucks while holding the bar while partner three goes to the front of Brixx and back.  Next round was 200 step ups, 200 squats with partner three going to Brixx again.  Third round was 200 dips, 150 CDD and running to Brixx.  Plank when done.

Mosey over to the stairs by Black and White/some yoga place.  Three rounds.  Hop on one foot up the stairs, do people’s chair with arm raises x 30 then 20 wide arm merkins at the bottom.  At this point there was some conflict between Paper Jam and Mighty Mite.  It seems Paper Jam did not like the comment about the UNC football team and academic integrity.  Integrity was mentioned when it appeared that not all of the exercises were going to be completed by all of the Pax.  This talk quickly escalated into accusations of NCSU only winning championships in goat bucking.  This is just not true as the records show that NCSU did win a championship in Bass fishing.  Not sure where they hang that banner or where you can find a t-shirt with that but just ask Mighty Mite/Luggie or any other sad NCSU fan holding onto 1983 or the potential of the 2018 football season.

I digress.  After the Anchorman type showdown beside Enlightened Yoga we moseyed over to the retaining wall in between Brilliant Sky Toys and Old Navy.   Old Navy is having a sale this weekend just like every weekend in case you want to go and Brilliant Sky has cool over priced toys if you are into that.  We ran from the stop sign to the retaining wall where we did American Hammer on the wall x 20 followed by 10 diamond merkins.  Next round was 20 knee tucks off the wall with 10 squats.  Last round was 10 jump up to the wall, stand straight up and then run back to the stop sign for 10 CDD.  20 LBCs while the six finishes up.

Mosey behind Old Navy/Target.  Stop at every light to the end of the target on the other side of Rea and do 5 diamond merkins.  Yes Teddy even the ones not lit.  Plank while the six comes in.

Mosey to the parking lot beside Target closest to the gas station.  We did several rounds of the beast.  Five stops going out and four stops coming back at each island.  First round was merkins x 5, second round was squats x 5 and then finished with burpees x 5.  Time to mosey back to the AO.

Finished with One minute forty five seconds of elbow plank.  Done!

Moleskin: Not a lot of chatter except the NCSU/UNC dust up.  Luckily I have been trained in conflict resolution.  Too bad I was not working today because things probably could have ended more peacefully.  F3 is free but not my expertise.  Paper Jam says I am always trying to read people’s mind anyway.

Everyone put in great effort.  Hanging on that bar was cold.  Probably should have done that one at the end to let it warm up.  Hopping on one leg up the stairs can be tough.  Always feel like I am going to fall forward.  The wall get ups was particularly hard.  Time to start doing some of this stuff for those doing obstacle races.

As promised the miles were low.  Kept it at 2.4.  There was extra credit with the prerun.  Thank you Bunker for joining me.  Teddy said his bed was too warm.  Teddy is a free agent for BRR and I promise he will get out of the van and run when it is his turn.  He is a great team mate and never cusses at you for walking.  At least not while you can hear him as the van drives by.

Cofferteria was followed by six of us.

Thanks for the chance to lead.  Do not get to lead many boot camps because of this running thing so it caused to have to think about it.

Enjoy the weekend.

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BuckyPosted on9:06 pm - Jan 20, 2018

Great lead thanks. Not much chatter due to trying to keep up with you plus cold lungs! Thanks for the Old Navy tip.

Mighty MitePosted on9:52 pm - Jan 20, 2018

I regret nothing. Go Wolfpack.

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