New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Nine pax made a conscious decision to start their 2018 in the best way possible: a freezing cold hour of work at Base Camp. YHC is pretty sure he wasn’t the only one to hear something like this from his M:

M: You’re working out on Monday?  But it’s going to be, like, 20 deg….. You’re an idiot.
Me: Uh…… yeah

Goonie Thang:
Quick lap around the parking lot to pick up any stragglers, and then head down to the track for a moving warm-up.  First time around the track (mosey speed), do 5 squats at each corner.  10 merkins at each corner on lap 2.  Huddle up and partner up for the main event:

Round 1: P1 starts running around the track.  P2 starts bear crawling.  When P1 catches P2, flapjack.  Continue until partners have completed the loop.  This was hard.  Several comments along the lines of “what jack@$$ thought of this?”

Round 2: Substitute broad-jump burpees for bear crawls.  Only made it about 1/3rd of the way around the track before time was called so Wild Turkey could take over the second half of the workout.  No one was upset about this, YHC included.

Wild Turkey Thang:
We left the track and little baby jogged to the school parking lot for rounds of Tabata. By now you know Tabata is eight rounds of a called exercise 20 sec on, and 10 sec off. It’s high impact interval training and science says it’s one of the best ways to get fit.

Round 1 – Man-maker ‘Mericans
Little baby lap
Round 2 – Squat thrusters
Little baby lap
Round 3 – Heels to Heaven
Little baby lap
Round 4 – Burpees
Little baby lap

3 man relays with LBC, Carolina Dry Docks, Dolly American hammer and bomb squats varying at the end points.

It was cold. It’s going to be cold all week. It’s tough, but remember, there are people in this city who are living and sleeping in this weather. Be grateful for your warm homes and families and work to bring that comfort to those in need.

It was a pleasure to Q a convergence. Thank you Goonie for the honor to lead. Keep posting men! SYITG!

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