But We Did This Last Week…

But We Did This Last Week…

And for my 79th Q, I went back to where the sausage is made – The Floater. What terrible descriptive word hasn’t been used to describe the 67th worst workout site east of the Mississippi. It has everything you could want to torture both yourself and and the rest of the pax. Unbeknownst to me I would have to run for 45minutes with clenched cheeks due to not cleaning out my tailpipe entirely.

Would I have a lot of pax? No pax? Did my cigar and cocktail sarcasm upset some? 2 Mashers and 8 other bros joined me ready to get it on.

DiCCS shown and the threat of Doughboy coughing on everyone meant it was time to roll  let’s get it…


Longish Mosey to the home of the Lycan. Circle up for….

  1. 20 x SSH IC
  2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC
  3. 15 x Morroccan Night Club IC
  4. 15 x LS Squats IC
  5. Jimmy Dugan
  6. Calf Stretch
  7. Runners Stretch
  8. 90/90 hip/glute stretch

Mosey to the graveyard for the ever classic Merkin, Air Press Webb. Bravo

Everyone loves a good segment, even more so when most of it is down hill. Jail break all the way to the wall. Wall sit until the 6 is in.

Mosey to basketball court. Line up across for suicides:

  • 4 x Sprint
  • 3 x Side Shuffle
  • 2 x Backwards
  • 1 x Bear Crawl
  • **20 step ups between each round on concrete blocks

Screw those concrete pillars because they are so tall and make step ups terrible

Mosey back towards COT. 5 x Bobby Hurley’s at every 5 mailboxes. Stop at parking lot and circle up for some Ab-O-Rama. Everyone got a 10 x of an exercise in. Mosey back to COT and a request to grab cell phones was made. Pax confused and concerned…


Lots always learned and again it was that damn humidity is the worst. Everyone got it in and appreciate all that posted this morning.

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