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Da Maul: Hot Cocoa & Campfire Stories

16 PAX including 4 Respect’s sat around the campfire to hear all about Rousey’s wedding weekend adventures in Cali and his best man speech that was “the best speech ever delivered to an audience of humans”.

This week I read an article about how AirPods are for nerds and wired headphones are back in style – Mid Drift reminded me several times this morning that Slack Blasts are out and Back-Blasts are cool again… so in an effort to fit in with the cool kids, here we go…




Brisk 45° with no precipitation, clear skies, full hearts, can’t lose


Mosey aimlessly around the movie theater and up the hill – Loogie tried to outsmart the Pax by stopping half way, so we ran up the hill a 2nd time.

  1. SSH x 15
  2. Slow and then Low Squats x 15
  3. Merkins x 15
  4. Mountain Climber x 15
  5. Blueberry pickers x 15


Location #1: Movie Theater Parking Lot

2 rounds a parking line suicide runs with declining rep exercises at the start line.

Round 1 (face forward the entire run):

  1. 20 Merkins – FWD Facing run to far line – BK Run to Start
  2. 15 Merkins – FWD Facing run to 3rd line – BK Run to Start
  3. 10 Merkins – FWD Facing run to 2nd line – BK Run to Start
  4. 5 Merkins – FWD Facing run to 1st line – BK Run to Start & plank for the six

Round 2 (face our cars the entire shuffle):

  1. 40 Squats – Side shuffle left to far line – Side shuffle right to Start
  2. 30 Squats – Side shuffle left to far line – Side shuffle right to Start
  3. 20 Squats – Side shuffle left to far line – Side shuffle right to Start
  4. 10 Squats – Side shuffle left to far line – Side shuffle right to Start & plank for the six

Location #2: Tipsy Taco Parking Lot

Triple Nickel³:  The triple-double, triple nickel is a complex set of exercises that is rarely called, but if any group could pull it off, it was this group of brainpower.

Location 1:

  • 5x Squats
  • 5x Merkins
  • 5x Donkey Kicks

Location 2:

  • 5x Burpees

Repeat 5x

Location #3: Fountains

Grab a partner and perform the following:

  • Round 1 (3x Sets):   P1 – 10x incline Burpee Box jumps;  P2:  Hold plank and complete 1x Merkin each time P1 jumps on the fountain wall
  • Round 2 (3x Sets):   P1 – 15x Dips;  P2:  15x Incline Merkins on fountain wall

#CountORama / #NameORama

21 PAX & No FNGs – thanks to Reverend Paper Clip for the closing prayer


  1. SOB Holiday Party this week – Friday (11/19) Olde Meck Brewery @ 6pm – Bring your M and take an Uber
  2. Impact Local 5k/10k – Sunday (12/5)… sign up today and get a FREE shirt
  3. Turkey Jam workout Thanksgiving morning, Thursday (11/25) – Need to confirm the start time
  4. Mic Check lost in fantasy football this week

Great group of guys this morning – Thanks to Patent Pending for another awesome opportunity to lead this morning. 

– Tagalong

6 More Weeks of Winter @ BAGPIPE

15 PAX did not follow Punxsutawney Phil back into his hole and refused to be scared of their own shadow.   However, burpee box jumps in front of an audience were a different story.  34 degrees, no wind or rain and a brief disclaimer alluding to lawsuits, safety and caring about feelings was given.

Here is what may or may not have gone down…

Mosey to the usual warm up spot…right outside of the sleeping Marriot hotel guest rooms.

HR Merkins, Mt Climbers, IW, W-mills all in random 13-20 reps

The main event:

Grab a partner that won’t really be a partner (socially distanced rep counter)

partner 1:  wall sit with arm raises and watch P2 do exercises

partner 2: Burpee Box Jump onto concrete wall… 5 reps and switch with P1

Knock out 5 sets of these…

Round 2:  P1:  Wall sits with Rousey shadow boxing (love the energy!)…. P2:  Box Jumps (5x Facing Right… 5x Facing Forward…. 5x Facing Left)… get your 5 sets in swapping back and forth with P1

Legs are burning at this point!! Good mogul and fresh powder training here!!

Next, we got a quick set of USA Hammers and right back to 3x more sets of Burpee Box Jumps… and 3x more sets of Rt-Fwd-Lt 5/5/5 Box Jumps…

At this point, we are 30 minutes into the workout and the mumble chatter has silenced (except for Kirby of course!) and outside of dodging Frehley’s digestive issues (my partner who crushed all of his reps by the way!!) there wasn’t a lot of PAX observations.     I did catch glimpses of SweetWater and MicCheck showing signs of athleticism.   And Circuit City was 100% keeping WarEagle honest on his count… definitely got better today getting every rep in, nice work!

Ok, so with 15 minutes left I still felt the urge to run further away from Launch… Your Q spent a lot of bike riding, go kart racing and 1 scooter wreck in the Kids Pond parking lot during quarantine and he wanted to revisit it at 6am… we got in a quick FWD lunge/BACK lunge set and a BearCrawl-CrawlBear set… 8 minutes to go and its time to get home.

With 4 minutes on the clock we stop back in front of the Marriot hotel to make sure everyone hears us this time… one last exercise:   The Deconstructed Merkin… 5 Merkins/5 Knee Ups/5 Jump Squats – repeat 3 times.

90 seconds to go we break for home – everyone makes it right on time!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead – always a great experience and awesome way to start the day.

  • Gummy on Q next week
      Ask Mighty Mite for details… sign up for the SOB Blood Drive and get a free anti-body test

Climbing Ladders with the Band

8 Garage Band members shook off the 4th of July fireworks, burgers and brews with some ladder work.  Chatter was low but the reps were high!  0.0 miles were promised and delivered. Here is what went down….

100 single leg back lunge

90 SSH

80 elbow plank-jacks

70 squat air presses

60 seconds of plank

50 jump squats

40 chair dips

30 curl + shoulder press

20 skater jumps

10 burpees

**Back up the ladder with slightly modified exercises**

10 double merkin burpees

20 sister mary katherines

30 squat + curl + shoulder presses

40 tri-extensions

50 weighted single leg dead lift

60 seconds of plank

70 calf raises (each leg = 140 total)

80 Mountain climbers

90 seal jacks

100 single leg fwd lunge

** Ladder is done!

4 minutes remain so we get a quick set of 11’s (Merkins & Jump Squats) **this was a bad idea after 100 lunges!

Centurion: The Patriot Way

15 PAX for this week’s episode of Centurion.

“The Patriot Way” isn’t a new philosophy. With 16 consecutive winning seasons and less than 48 hours between the franchise and a 5th Super Bowl victory, it has come to define everything about the New England Patriots’ excellence in the 21st century. Many of these same ideologies and successes hold true for the Centurion franchise…. excellence, perseverance, and cheating scandals. Swiper was auditing reps left and right but its hard when youre out front the whole time!

The usual suspects committed to attending the workout and then didnt – Chelms and Udder… and a few of the usual suspects who did attend were crushing the workout and led the whole time… Lorax, Mermaid, Brilleux, and Swiper.


No FNGs. No suing. No modifying for comfort.


Run a lap around Wells Fargo and back to the newly constructed fence around the picnic tables. No circle up… butt kicks, high knees, lateral shuffles, backwards run… and plank at the bottom of the deck.

Last part of the warm-up is the run the short ramps all the way to the top and plank.


Station #1:  Top of Parking Deck

  • Round 1:
    • Stairway 1:  Bobby Hurley’s x 20
    • Middle Stairway: Burpees x 10
    • Stairway 3: Bobby Hurley’s x 20
    • Run down the stairs and repeat along the ground level and run back up Stairway 1 – mary waiting for the six.
  • Round 2:
    • Stairway 1:  Donkey Kicks x 20
    • Middle Stairway: Burpees x 10
    • Stairway 3: Donkey Kicks x 20
    • Run down the stairs and repeat along the ground level and run back up Stairway 1 – mary waiting for the six.

Line up against the far wall with 22 parking lines ahead. 1 Centurion Burpee at each line (aka flying squirrel) – run down middle stairs and plank.

Station #2: Bottom of the Deck

Stair Suicide Run with 15 BH’s at the bottom each time

  • Level 2: Merkins x 30
  • Level 3: Merkins x 20
  • Level 4: Merkins x 10
  • Run back up stairs and down the short ramps – form 5 groups of 3

Station #3: Grinder x 5 sets

  • P1: Supine Pull-ups
  • P2: C. Dry Docks
  • P3: Runner/Timer
  • Sit-ups: P1 counts, P2 max full sit up reps in 60 seconds
    • Flapjack

Station #4:  Bear Crawl/Lunge Walk/Bear Crawl

We got in our 1-minute of Elbow Plank for the Swole Challenge that started this morning – then ran out of time so only one section of Lunge Walk completed.

Overall, we logged 2+ miles but my watch got paused early on so mileage isnt accurate.

#CountORama / #NameORama 

15 PAX & zero FNG


  1. Escargot is raising money to purchase and ship a storage building for a Nicaragua organization that he has partnered with – need about $30k and so far about 20% there. Reach out to him on Slack for the link and more information.
  2. Joe Davis Run – today is the last day for a $5 discount
  3. Per Mermaid, today was the best Centurion Q of the month – i take that honor very seriously. Reach out to Mermaid if you haven’t Q’d Centurion – its a great site with a bunch of really fast pax… and he will come to your site and make you wish you didn’t ask him, but lay down a workout to make everyone better!!
  4. Go Pats!

– Tagalong 

Rebel Yell Polar Plunge

16 PAX for a frigid RY Bootcamp.  Will someone please donate a sweatshirt, hat and some gloves to Chunder.


Wear gloves.. we will be on the frozen pavement quite a bit.  Chunder ignores.


We start 30 seconds early to keep warm and run circles around the car waiting for Mr. Reliable aka The Toy Collector aka Escobar…. and he’s a no show so we Mosey on.   Circling up and standing in place didnt seem like a great way to stay warm, so we aimlessly ran around and performed called out exercises…..

  1. forward & backward arm circles
  2. high knees
  3. butt kicks
  4. shuffle right and then left

Then we circled up for some quick SSH, Carolina DD, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and last, more Mt. Climbers


Station #1:  Movie Theater Parking Lot (Grab a Partner)

  • Round 1:
    • P1:  Run to the end of parking lanes
    • P2: Perform 2 Burpees at each parking stall until P1 returns
  • Round 2:
    • P1:  Run to the end of parking lanes
    • P2: Perform 3 Jump Squats at each parking stall until P1 returns

Various plank positions in between each round – no rest

I was thankful that Doc was quick to mention this was a baby version of what Mary Kay did last week…. and then continued to complain about how this was sooo much easier than last week!

Station #2: The Fountain

Grab a different Partner, but only for purposes of splitting the group in half

  • Exercise 1: Dips x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 2: Derkins x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 3: Box Jumps x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 4: Low Squats x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 5:  Get with your partner and complete Exercises 1-4 with no laps

Station #3: 1-Minute Max Reps

  • Merkins: P1 counts, P2 max merkin reps in 60 seconds
    • Flapjack
  • Sit-ups: P1 counts, P2 max full sit up reps in 60 seconds
    • Flapjack

It was determined that everyone cheated in some capacity so no winner was declared. Everyone does 5 Burpees on their own.

Station #4:  Balls to the Wall, Bear Crawl up grassy Hill, Crawl-Bear down, Back into Balls to the Wall

This was one of those ideas that sounded good while I sat on the couch and thought about what to do at the end of a workout.   Bucky gave the group a fair warning that the grass would be flooded.  Only 50% of the group listened and I was not one of them.    I proceeded to step in ankle deep slushy water, then bear crawl up a frozen wet hill, and ultimately slid back down.   Awful idea and a terrible way to end.   Bad move all around.

Overall, we logged 2.25 miles and stayed fairly warm for 43 minutes of the workout.

#CountORama / #NameORama 

16 PAX & zero FNG


  1. Cooter (leg tumor) and Huggy Bear (brain tumor) both have their surgeries on Tuesday 12/11 – please reach out to them to let them know you’re thinking about those guys next week.
  2. Rebel Yell is looking for Q’s.  Reach out to Mary Kay and War Eagle.  They take $15 via Paypal. For charity of course

– Tagalong 

Kegs & Legs

20 PAX for this week’s much anticipated (self provided feedback) episode of Bagpipe aka The Oatmeal Slayer…


We will be running with empty beer kegs. Be careful.


Count off in 4’s and remember your number.   Only 2/3 of the Pax remembered their number, obviously.   Your number now assigns you to a team and each team has a keg that will stay with them for the remainder of the workout.   Circle up in the COT parking lot, as running with steel drums before performing at least one set of SSH would not be advisable.

  1. SSH x 20
  2. Carolina DD x 15
  3. Merks x 15
  4. FWD Baby Arm Circles x ?
  5. BKWD Baby Arm Circles x ?
  6. Low Slow Squats x 15


Station #1: OC Parking Lot (5 man Grinder)

  • Round 1: Carolina DD at one end of the parking lot & Merkins at the other end
    • Keg Runner:  3 burpees at each parking line (9 reps total)
  • Round 2:  Mountain Climbers at near end & FWD Lunges at other end
    • Keg Runner:  3 overhead squats at each parking line (9 reps total)
  • Round 3:  Alternating high arm/leg planks at near end & Lateral elbow plank w/ arm/leg extension at other end
    • Keg Runner:  3 Clean & Jerks (9 reps total)

Various plank positions in between each round – no rest

Station #2: The 4-Corner Fountain

Grab your Kegs and Burpee Indian run (Keg stays at the front of the line) to the fountain area… Kirby provides the following instructions and were off:

  • Corner 1: Keg Curls x 25
    • Run to the building and back for next corner exercises
  • Corner 2: Dips x 25
    • Run to the building and back for next corner exercises
  • Corner 3: Box Jumps x 25
    • Run to the building and back for next corner exercises
  • Corner 4: Derkins x 25
    • Run to the building and back for next corner exercises

Out of Time

Burpee Indian Run back to COT 1 minute late and we are done.


Overall, we logged a few steps over 1.7 miles.

Another Keg workout, and another morning of botched instructions by the Q.   Live and learn, but I believe everyone enjoyed the mix-up of our traditional Tuesday.   My chest and shoulders are super sore as a good sign of muscle confusion.

War Eagle on Q next week!

#CountORama / #NameORama 

20 PAX & zero FNG


  1. Didnt get any as Thin Mint was our recorder
  2. Bagpipe is always looking for Q’s – submit your application to Kirby today!
  3. We will be open on 12/11 (War Eagle) and 12/18 (Bucky) and then closed the remainder of the year until January 8.

– Tagalong 

4LEX: Bagpipe Backblast

14 PAX gathered for the Lex Luthor modified AMRAP… most of us were overdressed for the 42 degree temps.   There was a lot of complaining about sore Crane relay legs and Packers fumbles. Obviously the Red Sox and Patriots won, so there were little comments there. Kirby said he looked like a baby giraffe walking down the stairs this weekend and the look continues into Tuesday morning!

2.7 miles covered and here is what we did:

One of the 30 Ballantyne ponds was our loop with two stations at either end of the approx .25 mile track… We repeated each station 3 times, with various Mary called waiting on the six – some of my reps may be off, but here is what I remember……

  • Station 1: 15 Burpees – Station 2: 20 Merkins
  • Station 1: 20 Diamond Merks – Station 2: 25 Single Leg Lunges
  • Station 1: 30 Carolina Dry Docks – Station 2: 30 Squats

Time is called multiple times by a nervous Market Timer and we meet back at COT. Lex, thanks for the Q and for the takeout prayer!!

There were a few announcements but they are on Frasier’s phone… Brat might have said that Swift is meeting at a different location next week (check with him) and Kirby mentioned the Christmas Party but had zero supporting details.

Swift (20 PAX) + Bagpipe (23 PAX) = Kirby

Bagpipe welcomed their newest co-site Q, Mr. Kirby – now officially in charge of Recruiting and Retention.  This morning’s workout started and ended as expected…. there was an overly wordy disclaimer, followed up by a confusing single exercise warm-up and a mix of several partner exercises, none of which required a partner.   Then we ran to CVS and back.

And at the end of the day, we all logged 2.5 miles, a solid merkin and dip burn and a few good laughs.

We have no idea what Swift did, but all 20 PAX arrived back at the Vine shirtless.


  • Cheddar had his baby and is now consistently getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night
  • Welcome FNG Valderamma (aka Greg S.)
  • Check out the GoFundMe link on Slack to help F3CapeFear with monetary donations post Hurricane Florence
  • Bucky on Q next week for Bagpipe
  • Pats sign Josh Gordon – look for multiple TDs this Sunday night against Detroit

Big Thangs @ The Big House

9 PAX for this week’s episode of The Big House, logging 2.5 miles and a few other exercises…


Yes. Very Brief (vet crowd)


Mosey to Main Street and loop back around baseball field #1, circle up and run through the following exercises IC:

  1. SSH x 20
  2. Wind Mills x 15
  3. Merks x 15
  4. Low Slow Squats x 15


Station #1: 4-Corners Around Concrete Planters

Run a box always facing the football field (forward run, shuffle to the left, backward run, shuffle to the right) – stopping at each corner for the following exercises:

  • Round 1: 5 Burpees
  • Round 2: 10 HR Merkins
  • Round 3: 15 Jump Squats (maybe Bobby Hurley’s)

Various plank positions in between each round – no rest

Station #2: The Dugout

Grab a seat against against the dugout wall – get low enough so your fingertips touch the ground for a 20 second hold. From this seated position, it was explained that we will BearCrawl to the first planter, CrawlBear back to the Dugout wall and move right into a Balls-to-the-Wall position for another 20 second hold – this was repeated 4 times and it HURT.

Station #3: Planter Boxes

4 Exercises were given and 10 reps of each were requested – once complete, run a double leg suicide in the parking lot and plank for the six.

  • Exercise 1:  Incline Merkin w/ a Box Jump
  • Exercise 2:  Alternating Top Taps (Agility Stairs)
  • Exercise 3:  Single Leg Squat w/ arm assist
  • Exercise 4:  Dips into American Hammer

End with a brief set of Mary to catch our breath

Sub 15 minutes remaining:  Divide into two lines and Burpee Indian-Run (last guy completes a Burpee and sprints to the front – repeat) the long lap around all of the baseball fields (2 laps here) – with speed.

Quick Mary rotation at launch and time is called.

Overall, we logged a few steps over 2.5 miles.

I used to have The Big House on my regular schedule and miss seeing a lot of these guys (splitting morning workout schedules with your wife isnt always easy!).  But obviously a great AO and a better group of regulars here – Private Benjamin and D-Fire run a consistent AO with a loyal following – well done fellas and thanks for the invite!

As expected,  Chunder was up front for most of the workout, and then chundered.  Happy Meal was too far ahead of me so I didn’t catch much of him, but did hear a lot of complaining out of either him or Hops (probably Hops) on the Balls to The Wall exercises – grunting means you are trying harder.  Tool Bag was my sleeper pick this morning as he was barefoot 5 minutes into the workout.  Apparently peeing next a tree while standing in a ant hill requires you to dance around and amke weird noises while taking off your socks and shoes.  Just when things were not looking great for his morning, he impressively ran the entire workout barefoot with minimal complaining – acorn covered sidewalks and all! ShrinkWrap was at a disadvantage given the fact he didnt wear his wrist guard for an injury that he’s been nursing for close to a year.  But he did successfully modify an impressive 90% of the exercises into half lunges and pulsating merkins. SideCar has been putting in some solid Monday work – definitely a BH regular.   Solid work this morning my man and looking forward to seeing you around SOB/A51 more and more.   Chopper was our only respect this morning and much respect is deserved! Not only did he find us 5 minutes into the workout after a solo pre-run, but the man is a machine.

Thin Mint on Q next week! Should be an easy one…

#CountORama / #NameORama 

9 PAX & zero FNG


  1. Cheddar had a baby girl!
  2. Sign up for the Crane Relay (Frasier and Thin Mint are running point here)
  3. BRR was this past weekend – nice work team Free Range
  4. Great Wolf Lodge still has rooms under the F3 block – reach out to MT
  5. Paint Ball was cancelled – A51 waved the white flag
  6. A few other things were mumbled

– Tagalong 

The Rebel Yella

The Rebel Yell was a battle cry used by Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. Confederate soldiers used the yell during charges to intimidate the enemy and boost their own morale, although the yell had many other uses.

We are not an intimidating group of men, so here is what we did instead:

18 PAX for this week’s episode of Rebel Yell, logging 3.01 miles and a few other exercises…




High 40°’s with a tropical breeze (compared to 11°)


Mosey to the HT parking lot, circle up and run through the following exercises IC:

  1. SSH x 21
  2. Cherry Pickers x 10
  3. Diamond merks x 10
  4. Regular merks x 10
  5. Wide Arm merks x 10
  6. Low Slow Squats x 10


Location #1: HT Parking Lot (same as warm-up)

Parking line suicide:

  1. Line up abreast staring down at 9 parking lines ahead
  2. Touch each line in a traditional suicide race (Doc obviously wins, but only logged 2.97 miles, interesting)
  3. 5 HR merkins + 5 two-hand slap jump squats each time you reach the starting line
  4. Google Earth’s ruler tool tells me this is a 1-mile run (felt a lot longer so we cut it short at the 15 minute mark)

Wait for the six, 2 sets of:  Bear crawl to Line #1, lunge walk back to the start

Location #2: Fountain

Grab a partner – P1 runs the full lap (approx. 70-80 seconds each Round) around both buildings, while P2 gets AMRAP of the following exercises, flapjack each round:

  • Round 1:  Box jumps (or step ups)
  • Round 2:  Dips
  • Round 3:  Agility Stairs (or toe taps)
  • Round 4:  Chair squats, arms above head

Plank up and roll right into 10 x 6-count incline merkins (Freyley’s was the only one to do these correctly, surprising I know – but i think they should have been 8-counts) – turn around 10 reps of 6-count decline merks.

10 minutes remaining:  Run through the 4 rounds above, but with a half lap around the 1st building.

Quick plank rotation and a jailbreak back to home-base for 10 merkins and 10 squats OYO.

Time is called a few seconds late and its a wrap.


Overall, we logged a few steps over 3 miles.

There was a lot of complaining about this so-called 10 minute hairburner at the Maul thanks to MT. But that quickly was muted and we went to work – really good work by everyone and glad to see Yogi from SC make regular appearances on his work trips. The Teddy and Mary-Kay duo are back on track after a battle with the swine flu. Glad to meet Brisket today – part of the meat and three, and a fellow Park Crossing resident. No Show finally showed to a workout after a holiday hiatus. War Eagle was extra smiley, Roll Tide – get ready for his VQ at Bagpipe on Tuesday (1/30).    Olaf thawed out from his 11° FNG post and put in some strong work, glad to have you out there my man.

Billy Goat on Q next week!

#CountORama / #NameORama 

18 PAX & zero FNG


  1. This Saturday (1/13):  Convergence @ DaVinci for a 2-year anniversary party, 6:30 – 7:30 with ChickFilA afterwards.  *Stonehenge AO will be closed.
  2. Brolympics is on the horizon – Saturday (2/24)
  3. SOB’s 2nd Anniversary on Tuesday (1/16) @ Bagpipe – Mr. Haggis on Q. SWIFT may be closed, check with Bratwurst.

– Tagalong