Matrix Today!

Matrix Today!

68 degrees, light wind out of the south–felt like summer!


Warm Up with SSH, IW, MC, Merkins (each set followed by 5 pullups on Monkey Bars).


High Knee holds in cadence 3 sets of 10


Plank Jack holds  3 sets of 10


Track: 4 laps and 100 LBCs, 3 Laps and 75 LBCs, 2 Laps and 50 LBCs, 1 Lap and 25 LBCs


Wall: sit on wall with air press and burpees


finish with Seated Arm/Leg Raises ( a more difficult version of v-Ups).


Quiet group. Good work.  Quill is taking son to basic training in Okla..Some are wondering about New Years convergence.


Happy New Year!

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