What Defines a Triple Nickle?

What Defines a Triple Nickle?

The age old question came up at the beginning of the workout from none other than Sprockets. After everyone arrived on time, except OT, we headed through the campus and stopped for a little warm up.

20 x SSH

20 X IW

15 x Merkins

Continue through the parking lot out to Providence road then down Raintree Lane to the bottom of the hill. Reminds me of my old Fast Twitch days. Up and down the hill 5 times, with 5 hand release merkins at the top, and 5 squats at the bottom. Definition:

F3 | Exercises

Find a hill. Start at bottom, run to top and complete 5xcalled exercise, run to bottom and complete 5xcalled exercise, 5 repetitions (5/5/5=Triple Nickel). Can easily be done on flat surface with launch point and target point.

Continue back through campus and find the tennis courts. After some help. Line up abreast. Lunge walk each court, 20 LBCs, all the way down. Run back to the start. Bear crawl each court, then 10x Sister Mary Catherines. Run back to start and wait for the PAX.

Now head to the top of the stadium for 3 rounds of 4 corners. 10x merkins at each corner, with the loop starting at the top of the stadium, then down and around track, and back up to the top of the stadium. Once completed we headed back to the launch point for some Can Openers and Spanish inspired Rosalitas.


Great work by all, and Marge continues to lead the charge on hill workouts. I am pretty sure he is cheating. One eye and Sprockets keep trying to catch up with him, which is why he has to be cheating. Kinda like Hopper on the 4 corners. I am not sure if he modified, or just didn’t listened to instructions as he flies by a few of us doing merkins and says his way was much faster, which didn’t involve any merkins. Commish, Strawberry and Heartbreaker showed up because they either got lost, or didn’t know I was on Q. Great to see those guys. It has been too long. And so is Heartbreaker’s beard. Thanks for letting me lead and glad the rain held off.

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4 years ago

Pop Tart, thank you kindly fir the edumacation. You’re such a traditionalist (a kind way of calling someone uncreative). I say get crazy… think outside the box… live unconventionally… call for 10 merkins on a triple nickle! (I also keep getting passed over for promotion at work… could be a correlation).

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