Let’s Go on an Adventure

  • When:6/18/22
  • QIC: Horsehead

Let’s Go on an Adventure

13, including 2.0 2.0s for a moist adventure.

Cottonmouth, Turkey Leg, OT, Alf, Mildew, Hoover, Master Builder (2.0), Geraldo, Geraldo 2.0, missing several names who are important – please fill in the comments if you feel so moved to do so and right this wrong.

Note that the TriFuseNik (Gloss, Spackler, Puddin) was not present.  Nor was the TriConfuseNik (Flipper, Lex, Curd).


I decided on a loosely planned off-campus adventure and boy did it deliver!

First, we ran to Cary “Runstopper” Ridge for some warmups and the first of many regroupings.

Continue to Davie Park where the early-bird soccer clan had the turf field jammed up , so we went with playground sets while the police watched us and then ran aroudn the parking lot while the garbage man dumped hot Who Hash all over the pavement where we were running.  It was quite nice.

Next activity was running down KnockTurn Alley on the other side of the park, with exercises at the light poles and some partner work in the parking lot.  Alf and TL partnered up and finished 15 mins before everyone else.   Apparently, everyone in Charlotte was invited to a secret party at the clubhouse, so we dodged a steady stream of cars on the road, including Randy Quaid in a crop duster.

It wouldn’t be a proper adventure without a sketchy shortcut through the woods, so we made that happen and returned back to  home base for some drippy wet Mary.


Just a few observations, some from the workout and few more from the heart:

  • Turkey Leg hits respect this weekend and is trading in his Sauconys for those shoes you can order on the inside cover of the magazines in the dentist office.
  • I’m not sure that Hoover’s 2.0 Master Builder likes his F3 name, but I’m quite sure he wouldn’t like the alternatives.
  • The Serving Size for Frosted Mini Wheats is 21 biscuits, which I think is quite stingy.
  • Geraldo attempted to race his 2.0, and I think he took him down, but neither of them quite made it to the finish line. I think a rematch is in order.  His name is Shaun, Shawn, or Sean so I think that makes Geraldo Dad of the Shaun.
  • Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer’s (RIP) real names were Mario Girotti and Cadrolo Pedersoli. If you haven’t watched My Name is Trinity  or Trinity is Still my Name, you have been missing out.

Just remember, for only $2.00 a day, you can help a helpless helper with a helping of help.  Your call itself says, “I’m here to help”.  Please call right now.


[In the arms of an angel

Fly away from here

From this dark cold hotel room . . .














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11 months ago

Standard Horsehead bb right up until the Sarah McLachlan finish. Unexpected. I will remember you.

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