No scary moments, just strong emotions

No scary moments, just strong emotions

Six fine gentlemen we ready to follow YHC for the Brave today.  I did warn the folks that my emotions were a bit charged today as the family had just dropped our oldest 2.0 off at school.  The University of Tennessee.  Yes, exciting times, but still not easy to have a kid move out after 18 years.

The Warm Up

Mosey east on Ballantyne Commons and stop at the first apartment complex.

13 SSH

13 Imperial Walkers

Plank with right foot to right hand, flapjack

The Thang

The course was to run BC, turn right on Elm, which turns then into Bryant Farms, turned left into the Y, then exit the Y onto Community House and head back to launch at the Gibson. 4.20 ish miles.

From the entrance of the Y to the exit, Indian run.  Haz Mat had a shoe issue and stopped, but then like Willie Mays Hayes (name the movie) he shot past us as the lead runner and never missed a beat.

We made 13 stops along the way.  Each stop was for 1 minute of work.

  • Air Squat
  • Merkins
  • Plank Jacks
  • Walking Lunge
  • Big Boy sit ups
  • Bonnie Blair
  • Dry Dock
  • LBC
  • Not sure on proper name, “ankle touches” on back with right hand to right foot and then left hand to left foot
  • Plank for 30 and 30 seconds of Merkins
  • Dips
  • Al Gore
  • Burpees… surprise here…..informed the group at this point that is was our 13th minute of work and asked Wild Turkey what exercise we would do. He called is correctly.  My favorite!!! BURPEES

We finished with 30 seconds of plank at launch.

Great work men and I always appreciate the support.


Blood Drive in October

Q School August 21st at Da Vinci (6:30am)

Discussion with War Eagle about the Brave being an IronPax Challenge site for the month of September.  Keep an eye on slack for more details.


YHC closed us out and hoping all the parents stay strong as they send their kids back to school, off to college or to school for the first time.  Exciting but emotional.  We have hopefully raised (and continue to raise) them correctly and allow them to spread their wings no matter what stage of life they are in.  Be there to guide.



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